The hottest real estate trend: Global warming and the Village at Nuuk |

The hottest real estate trend: Global warming and the Village at Nuuk

Lately Ive been checking into real estate in Greenland.Its not that the Tahoe winters are too warm or that I have a hankering for isolation, its just my own personal back-up plan in case what everyone says about global warming is true.The listings in the bustling town of Nuuk, Greenland are sparse, but very affordable. I figure Ill pick up a job at the local whale blubber processing factory and find a home in no time. It wont even have to be deed-restricted, or so Im told.But my real goal is much bigger. Some day I want to become the real estate mogul of the arctic island. And if it all works out the way I envision it, I may be selling off subdivided parcels to wealthy Arizona residents looking to leave their sweltering desert home.Their globally warmed inferno will be my ticket to real estate fortune. You see, the way they tell it, Arizonas gonna be a molten oven when global warming kicks in.And that means Greenland will be balmy.The Baffin Islanders may even want a second home in my subdivision, which Ive tentatively named The Village at Nuuk.So Im picking a spot just a little inland once the polar ice caps melt and the worlds oceans rise a handful of feet I figure itll be oceanfront and something a little removed from the whale blubber warehouse. Ive heard those drive down real estate prices.Then Ill be living out a personal dream Ive had for a while. I always figured I moved to Tahoe about 100 years too late. If Id been here a century ago it could well be Bunker Hill instead of Dollar Hill, or Bunker Bay instead of Carnelian.Back then they were selling off hundreds of acres of lakefront land for what it costs to buy a Squaw season pass today. Or something like that.But there have to be spots, like Greenland, where that dream is still alive: Bunkerland has a nice ring to it.So as Lake Tahoe dries up and starts looking like Boca Reservoir, and the arctic Polar Bears watch their ice cap melt out from under them, Ill be sitting on my chunk of landlocked Greenland, rooting for those last few degrees to make my pad oceanfront.Because in Greenland, global warming is going to be sweet.David Bunker is the Sierra Suns assistant editor in Tahoe City. Reach him at

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