The more things change: Now & then |

The more things change: Now & then

Its often said the more things change, the more they stay the same.When it comes to government, taxes, war or whatever, such common themes run through them that it usually doesnt matter if they are discussed decades ago or today. Government usually gets a bum rap. Taxes even more so. War, well, war just, unjust, legal, illegal is hell.So as the Truckee Fire Protection waits for the results of its proposed assessment to help fund operations and opponents argue no more taxes, the following struck us as a perfect example of the more things change, the more they stay the same.

It has been truthfully said that a house divided against itself cannot stand, but it is equally true that a town divided against itself cannot progress.We do not intend to infer by this that differences of opinion form divisions. It would be a queer situation indeed if we all thought along the same lines on all subjects. But we do contend that in order to make progress we must put together united efforts for a common cause.Only recently, in the election for a new fire truck and apparatus, it was conclusively exemplified that in unity there is strength. Truckee voted more than 40 to 1 to purchase the equipment, knowing that it would mean a slight increase in taxation, but thinking more of the needed protection afforded through the purchase.That election did more than provide a new fire truck. It bore evidence of the power of united effort. It demonstrated the willingness of the local residents to work toward a common benefit…. We can get together and make Truckee a bigger and better town and enjoy individually and collectively the sure-fire progress, but we cant do it as individuals or in small groups. We cannot progress if we are divided against ourselves. Make the effort, if it is an effort, to see the other fellows point of view if it merits support and rest assured that he will see your side and work together. Sierra SunThursday March 10, 1938