The next OJ chapter: Guilty of felony stupidity |

The next OJ chapter: Guilty of felony stupidity

Well as we all know, former Heisman Trophy winner OJ Simpson is in the news again. I should be ashamed of myself for fanning the OJ news flames, but I cant help it. It is just too easy. I know, I know theres legitimate news out there, like our esteemed President asking for $195 billion more for 2008 to sustain our Iraq occupation, like 3,798 American solders killed to date, like the shaky housing market, which could shake down our national economy.But no, OJs like shooting ducks on the pond.OJ got away with murder in Brentwood with a downtown L.A. jury of buffoons. That was 1995.This is 2007, and this is Nevada. They dont mess around in Nevada.In fact, OJs been charged with 11 different criminal charges stemming from his little incident at the Palace Station Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, including two counts of robbery with a deadly weapon, two counts of assault with a deadly weapon, coercion with a deadly weapon, two counts of first-degree kidnapping with a deadly weapon (how can it be kidnapping when no one left the room), burglary and several counts of conspiracy.It apparently all started when memorabilia auctioneer Thomas Riccio, an ex-con known for auctioning Anna Nicole Smiths diaries, told OJ that some of his stolen memorabilia was being sold by two other memorabilia dealers, who by the way both have criminal records. One suffered a serious heart attack right after the confrontation. How do you spell P- E- R- S- O- N- A- L I- N- J- U- R- Y L- A- W- S- U- I-T?According to police records, OJ and several buddies and buddies of his buddies, posing as interested buyers of memorabilia, entered room 1203 at the Palace Station demanding, and ultimately taking, miscellaneous sports memorabilia. Apparently nothing of much value. One or two of the intruders had pistols. The entire scene was audio-taped, featuring OJ using the f word repeatedly. OJs defense is that you cant steal something you already own, but even this lawyer, your humble writer, knows that if in concert with someone with a gun you take property from someone else, you probably committed a serious crime. At least felony stupidity. The conspiracy charges will connect OJ as though he was holding the guns. Of course, I predicted OJ and Phil Spector would both be found guilty of murder. Wrong on both counts. Last week OJ made his $125,000 bail and is now back home in Florida where his assets are protected and hes planning his next defense. Without Johnnie Cochran (if it doesnt fit, you must acquit), OJ may be spending more time in Vegas a lot more. Jim Porter is an attorney with Porter & Simon.Reach him at or at the firms web site 2007

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