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Whoever is elected president on Nov. 2 will appoint three or four new associate justices to Supreme Court as well as a new chief justice. As the most left-leaning president in American history, President Kerry will appoint only far left, activist jurists who will ignore the Constitution and legislate their “progressive” agenda from the nation’s highest court. The Kerry presidency, even if only in office for one term, will saddle The United States with the most liberal Supreme Court in its history for decades to come. This will cripple our ability to fight crime, defend our borders and prosecute the war on international terrorism. Look for a Kerry court to promote the homosexual agenda, reparations for slavery, open borders, an end to capital punishment, increase limitations on private firearms, further restrictions on free speech and discover all sorts of new “rights” somehow previously undiscovered. New areas of litigation will likely flourish. As it appears that future national elections will be decided in the Supreme Court, once in office Kerry and his kind may prove very difficult to remove.A victory by Sen. Kerry will be a clear signal to all Muslim extremist, terrorist, America haters, Marxist and other assorted enemies of democracy, capitalism and western society that we no longer have the will to fight. Our few real allies around the world like England, Israel and Australia will be forced to seek accommodations with the radical states and terrorists. America’s energy supply will be endangered like never before. Terrorist will be emboldened to move their attacks from targets in places like Iraq, Israel and South East Asia to Western Europe and North America.As a United States senator for 20 years, Sen. Kerry has been a relentless foe of America’s military and intelligence agencies. Wars are messy business and the war on terrorism is no exception. Criticism is cheap and easy but it would be the height of folly to trust someone with Sen. Kerry’s record to prosecute the war on terrorism.More likely, President Kerry will withdraw from the Middle East and attempt to reduce the size of our military to a point where America is incapable of projecting power around the world. A Kerry government will trust our defense to the good will of the United Nations. President Clinton reduced the size of our military by over one third and if Kerry is elected, expect even greater cuts. With Kerry’s influence, that same former President Clinton is very likely to be named Secretary General of The United Nations. As our military shrinks to Canada-like dimensions, small wars will proliferate without the fear of American intervention. Nations worldwide will attempt to settle old scores and future superpowers like China will be free to seize territory they covet, like Taiwan. Expect North and South Korea and India and Pakistan all to go at each other, perhaps with nukes. Pro-democracy movements in places like Iran and China will be crushed with impunity. Russia will likely descend into dictatorship and begin to bully its former satellites. NATO will cease to exist and the United Nations will debate and issue resolutions.During his 20 years as a senator, Kerry has recorded the most liberal voting record of any current senator – more liberal than Kennedy, Harkin, Daschle or even Hillary Clinton. As president, he will attempt to vastly expand the power and scope of the federal government with higher taxes, a multi-trillion dollar national health care plan, various schemes to redistribute wealth and new regulations on business that will cripple our ability to compete in the world market. Look for an IRS crackdown on small business “tax cheats.” Kerry will buy Democratic votes with big payoffs to organized labor, minorities and the public school establishment. Please don’t delude yourself with the idea that Kerry can pay for his agenda by taxing others without increasing your taxes.Prentiss Davis lives in Truckee.

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