The Sun and World: Weve come a long way, baby |

The Sun and World: Weve come a long way, baby

Joy Poe

I hate good byes. So Im not going to say it. But I cant leave without saying something, so here it goes. What I would like to say, is thank you. Thanks for the opportunity to work with you, the staff, the readers, the writers, the businesses, the communities. Thanks for the education, the support, the suggestions, the tips, the direction, the one-of-a-kind spirit that fills this area. Thanks for allowing me to make some changes. Thanks for laughing with us, sometimes at us, talking to us and sometimes about us.Thank you for allowing us to try some things and fail and try some things and succeed. Thanks for reading, thanks for writing. Thank you, I wouldnt trade a minute.Five years later, weve come a long way, baby. From a quiet weekly with five dedicated staff to a vibrant daily and weekly entertainment and visitor guide with 30 professionals. I am leaving a different paper than I arrived at, that is certain. What is also certain is that the papers are in good hands. The staff that runs the daily and weekly are the best. Simply the best.I came to this community over five years ago to join the staff of the Sierra Sun. A hearty staff of people welcomed me to the weekly routine. An equally hearty community welcomed me too. But, the community had a more skeptical attitude and kept a watchful distance. What would a flatlander from Nebraska do her first winter? And would the revolving door of publishers, editors and reporters slam shut or continue to swing wildly?I survived a winter. I never even unpacked my coveralls. Im still waiting. In fact, Ill take the several feet of snow over the bitter, windy cold of the prairie.In short order, we put the paper back on track, shored up the staffing and rediscovered what it meant to be a community paper. We are lucky to operate a paper in a place where people are engaged and vocal and care about news and information and care that it is accurate, timely and local.Over the next couple years, we made some changes to reflect the rapidly changing communities that we serve. From paid to free, from once to twice weekly and finally from divided to united, daily and free.Change is good and healthy and hard. Ive been the catalyst for a lot of changes here, but what I will remember is not all of those changes. Even though Im proud of them, I will remember instead the people who Ive met, crossed paths and sometimes swords with. You are all a part of my life now.I will remember the passion of our readers and the dedication of our contributors, we would be lost without you. I have met so many interesting people teachers, administrators, board members, community leaders, government officials, executive directors, attorneys, town and county staff, supervisors, business owners, baristas and chefs, coaches and athletes; it is one of the best things about this job and every one is woven into the fabric of my life.I will remember my first Truckee Follies vividly, forever and fondly. I will remember catapulting off the deck of an aircraft carrier. Actually there isnt too much I will forget about this chapter in my life. I have loved every minute. OK, not every minute but most.I am proud of so many things during my time here. My staff: They are unmatched. The voice of the paper: It is stronger now than ever and it will continue to build. I am proud of the programs we helped start and support during my tenure, the Gifts for Good program, Adopt-a-Pet page and Boys and Girls Club Report, support for the Kidzone and Chamber Member programs.I am honored to have had the opportunity to lead such fine papers in such amazing communities, arm-in-arm with the best team of people I know. I am lucky to be able to stay in the area. Ill see you around, in the Safeway, at the ball field, on the trail or on the lake. I will be spending time with my family, looking for my next career adventure and cheering on the World and the Sun. I am your biggest fan. Thank you.Jody Poe is the same Jody Poe formerly known as the publisher of the Sierra Sun and Tahoe World newspapers. The staffs at both papers wish Jody good luck in her future endeavors.

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