The transcript of Client-9’s escapade |

The transcript of Client-9’s escapade

I have been reluctant to write about former New York Gov. Elliot Spitzer’s predicament and ultimate resignation for fear of piling-on. However, I was able to get a copy of the federal Sealed Complaint filed by the FBI against the four individuals alleged to be conducting the prostitution business ” the Emperors Club.

The wiretapped conversations between the Emperors Club and Client-9 make for interesting reading. Readers want to know, so I reconsidered. I am weak.

Federal agents, including an informant posing as a would-be client of the Emperors Club, put together declarations seeking authority to wiretap Emperors Club phones, e-mails and bank account transactions. A federal judge authorized the interception ” federal-speak ” of telephone calls and e-mails. Ultimately, a search warrant was issued.

Since December 2004, the four apparent owners of the Emperors Club collected more than $1 million in proceeds from their prostitution business in bank accounts in the name of QAT Consulting Group. Allegedly they had more than 50 prostitutes and even more wealthy male clients in the larger cities across the U.S. plus London and Paris.

The Emperors Club Web page included photographs of Emperors Club girls’ bodies with their faces hidden (telling), along with hourly rates with different categories. For example, it cost $1,000 per hour for a three-diamond prostitute and $3,100 per hour for a seven-diamond prostitute.

If your girl belonged to the “ICON” club the fees started at $5,500 per hour. Man, that’s a lot of something. Probably a pedicure add-on. Or shoe shine. That’s more than lawyers charge.

Client-9’s ordeal began on Feb. 12, 2008, at approximately 2:37 p.m. when Rachelle, who worked for the Emperors Club, exchanged phone conversations with “Kristen” who had been arranged to meet with Client-9. Kristen and Rachelle discussed the financial arrangements. Kristen would take the 5:39 evening train from Penn Station to Washington D.C.

Client-9 would pay all expenses. Client-9 confirmed he would leave the door ajar at room 871 at the Mayflower Hotel.

At one point Client-9 asked who he would be meeting and when told Kristen, he replied, “great, okay, wonderful.”

Client-9 asked Rachelle to remind him what Kristen looked like, and was told she was an American, petite, very pretty, brunette, 5′ 5″ and 105 lbs. I would dispute “very pretty” from what I saw on news reports, but I have little experience in such matters.

Now is when we get to the interesting part of the taped conversations. Kristen was asked how she thought the appointment went and what all had transpired. Unfortunately for you, interested readers, you will have to get a copy of the Sealed Complaint, because as this column has been reminded by occasional letter writers, the Sierra Sun is a family newspaper. And this isn’t Ozzie and Harriet discussing Ricky’s first date. Nor is it the “Beav” checking in with June.

This is the Governor of New York screwing up big time. And per the transcript of the taped conversations, on more than one occasion. It would be fascinating to analyze the psychology of his apparent reckless compulsion.

Spitzer transferred funds on several occasions into one of the QAT accounts, which caused North Fork Bank in New York to send a Suspicious Activity Report to the Treasury Department, which caused the FBI to launch an investigation. Apparently, Spitzer’s suspicious banking transactions were being investigated around the same time as was the Emperors Club.

The four alleged managers/owners of the Emperors Club were arrested on March 5, 2008. To date no charges have been filed against Spitzer.

In fact, it would be highly unusual for prosecutors to file charges against the male side of a prostitution investigation. Technically, Spitzer could be charged with a violation of the Mann Act for transporting someone across state lines for prostitution; however, charges are seldom made under the Mann Act.

He could be charged with “money laundering” or “structuring”: hiding cash transactions to stay under $10,000. I doubt either charge would stick.

It is also unlikely Kristin, aka Ashley Dupree, of Manhattan will be charged. She’s the star witness. It will be interesting to see if the feds or New York officials bring any charges against Spitzer. There is not much that can be done to him that hasn’t already resulted from his indiscretions and resignation. And his wife’s anguish standing next to her man at the podium.

The irony of course is Spitzer’s reputation as a “holier-than-thou” prosecutor.

We are not stooping to Spitzer jokes, other than Jay Leno’s, “The hooker said Spitzer was done in a New York minute.”

But we would be remiss in not mentioning his successor, Lieutenant Governor David Patterson. Patterson is described as Spitzer’s diametric opposite, with his mellow voice, humor and self deprecation. For example, Patterson once jokingly explained the role of his lieutenant governor’s job, “I’ll tell you what the … job is. You wake up every morning at 6:30 and you call the Governor’s house. If he answers, you can go back to sleep.”

The first order of business for the well-liked Governor Patterson was to admit to extramarital relationships. Best to get that kind of stuff out early

In the meantime, life for New Yorkers goes on as usual. In fact, nothing unusual going on.

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