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Tidy space, tidy mind

Photo by Josh Miller/Sierra SunLynette Hipkins stands in her Prosser/Lakeview home.

Lynette Hipkins is on a mission: tearing into Truckee’s closets, home offices and garages and telling people what they don’t need, all in the name of removing clutter.

With her home business, Unnecessary Essentials, Hipkins hopes to clean clients’ spaces while freeing their minds for more important matters.

“It’s a little bit like feng shui,” Hipkins said in her neat-but-lived-in Prosser Lakeview home. “The philosophy is that if you have clutter in your life, you have clutter in your mind. If that little stuff is taken care of, you have more space in your mind to knock ’em dead in the business world, or go skiing for the afternoon.”

Hipkins said she has kept the “what does she do?” part of her business purposefully broad, much like her talents. She started Unnecessary Essentials in summer 2004 as a way to combine her experience as an administrative assistant and to her love of interior design and fashion.

It joins her compulsion to organize with her creative side, she said.

So far, most of Hipkins’ clients have needed help with their cluttered closets. For Hipkins, fixing a messy closet begins with assessing the client’s goals ” like getting organized ” and moves on to getting rid of unnecessary items ” like the cargo pants the client hasn’t worn in years.

After that, Hipkins helps the client work with what already exists and offers suggestions on what could be added.

“So many people get stuck in a rut,” she said. “You have to sit down and go through it together.”

Unnecessary Essentials is a stimulating concept for Hipkins because every client is so different, she said. Some clients only need a general consultation, others need several visits to reach their organization goals, she said.

“Ultimately for me, it’s about making someone’s life better in a small way, or it’s a big way, depending on what they need,” Hipkins said. “Their part is to be willing to follow through if it’s going to be successful. Unfortunately, I can’t do anything about that.”

Contact Hipkins at 412-3096.

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