Tough times for charter, district |

Tough times for charter, district

As of tonight, the Truckee-Tahoe area may be without Prosser Creek Charter School and its affiliated campuses.

This represents a potential loss to the parents who send their children there, and, of course, the children who benefit from the charter option. The Tahoe-Truckee Unified School District Board has a tough decision and a deadline (April 11) to meet.

Over the past month, much of the debate over the charter school’s solvency (fiscal and managerial) has happened behind closed doors, and in public there is a an air of ‘he said, she said’ surrounding the whole issue, but clearly the future of the charter school is in jeopardy.

The charter also has to make a choice today. It has the right to grant an extension to the board, allowing a further 30-day period for debate and negotiation. The school may feel the battle with the board is a losing one, and take their plight straight to an appeals process, without allowing the extension. Considering the circumstances, the Sierra Sun has to hedge its bet.

If the board does not believe the charter can continue with a debt resolution plan and reduced spending for the next five years, then it must vote not to renew the charter. If the charter believes it can resolve outstanding issues with the board, it must seek an extension. But both options are fraught with peril.

In the end, the most frustrating aspect of the charter school issue may be parents’ attempts to fit their children, who have benefited from the charter school alternative, back into mainstream school life. Hopefully, if Prosser Creek does not survive in the end, another alternative will be developed.

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