Trashing decorations not cool |

Trashing decorations not cool

Charlene Diaz

I would like to start my letter by thanking the merchants for the Trick or Treat Town. It’s great fun for children of all ages.

Second, I would like to thank the punks who not only trashed our pumpkins around 2 a.m. that we had to clean up, but also who came back and vandalized our grave stones and decorations.

They were ripped out of the ground and thrown into the road and#8212; being plywood, they could have caused several accidents.

I live on Highway 89 in Tahoma, and we had no intentions to decorate this year do to pumpkin smashing last year, but several neighbors and friends were dissapointed, so we spent lots of time and money to do it again this year.

We have decided we will no longer decorate for any holiday. We are very sorry to all our friends, family, neighbors and visitors.