TRPA shows restraint in Martis Valley debate |

TRPA shows restraint in Martis Valley debate

Sierra Sun editorial

John Singlaub, who took over as head of the agency Jan. 5, announced this week that the TRPA will not file a lawsuit to battle the proposed development plan for Martis Valley.

While those of us outside of the basin may be saying to ourselves “DUH!!,” this is an unusual move for an agency that has a history of continually trying to expand its sphere of influence by imposing rules and fees with impunity in Lake Tahoe.

A drive around the lake is a lesson in how bureaucracy can stop progress. South Lake Tahoe is a perfect example. Finally, after decades, some of the antiquated buildings and homes there are getting an update; since the ’70s, TRPA has made development of any kind difficult and arbitrarily expensive. (This is the same agency that will fine homeowners THOUSANDS for trimming trees to improve their lake views). Not to mention a building moratorium that will become even more restrictive in the coming years. We don’t want that here.

Singlaub has decided rightly that TRPA’s sphere of influence should remain within the Tahoe Basin. We applaud him.

Development in the Martis Valley is an issue that will be debated for years to come, but it is our issue. The last thing we need is TRPA nosing into Truckee’s business.

As it is, there will certainly be enough lawsuits involving Martis development.