Truckee Crab Feed another zero waste success |

Truckee Crab Feed another zero waste success

Nichole DorrTown of Truckee, Solid Waste andamp; Recycling DivisionSpecial to the Sun

On March 20 nearly 450 people gathered at the new Truckee Community Recreation Center for the annual Rotary Club Crab Feed and Auction. The event went off without a noticeable hitch and appeared to be a successful fundraiser for the KidZone Museum in Truckee. A notable change to this annual event was the organizers efforts to go green and implement measures to reduce the amount of waste destined for the landfill. Jody Poe, president of the Truckee Noon Rotary states: andamp;#8220;In addition to raising money to give back to the community the club and members have a responsibility to our environment and believe the zero waste approach is just one more thing we can do locally.andamp;#8221; Normally, an event this size could easily fill a six-yard trash dumpster. However, with the help and collaboration of the Incline Village General Improvement District staff, the Town of Truckee Solid Waste andamp; Recycling Division, a few enthusiastic Americorps members and a few diligent Rotarians, the eventandamp;#8217;s trash production was minimal. Throughout the night, volunteers staffed three andamp;#8220;zero waste stationsandamp;#8221; to assist partygoers in sorting their trash into a three bin system: compost, recyclables and trash. By the end of the night only three bags stuffed with film plastic, some dirty condiment cups and a few odds and ends were sent to landfill for disposal. Everything else was either recycled or composted. A total of 18 blue recycling bags were filled with plastic cups, bottles, cans, papers and miscellaneous recyclables while 36 bags of food waste, including all the crab shells, and compostable serviceware was delivered to Full Circle Compostandamp;#8217;s industrial composting facility in the Carson Valley to become rich, vibrant soil. andamp;#8220;We are very pleased with the outcome and plan to make this a regular practice at our fundraising events,andamp;#8221; said Poe. This event historically relied heavily on the use of disposable serviceware, however a commitment was made to purchase compostable serviceware which was collected with the food waste for compost processing (an essential step in zero waste event planning). This meant that the plates, utensils, and napkins were made from plant-based sources. Compostable utensils were made from renewable sources such as potato, corn and bamboo. Through careful planning and the use of this three-part collection system (compostable/recyclables/trash) this large scale event, which normally produced a significant amount of trash, became a low impact event instead.

andamp;#8226; 36 bags of compostable material averaging 40 lbs./bag = 1440 lbs. of compostables (all food waste, plates, napkins and utensils).andamp;#8226; 17 bags of mixed recyclables (six bags with glass averaging 40 lbs./bag plus 11 bags of plastic bottles, cans, cups, paper etc. at 20 lbs./bag) = 460 lbs. of recyclables. andamp;#8226; Three bags of trash averaging 25 lbs./bag = 75 lbs. of trash (mostly film plastic, such as food wrappers, plastic table cloths, butter cups, etc.).andamp;#8226; 1,900 pounds of diverted material; only 75 pounds of trash sent to the landfill. To learn more about local waste reduction and recycling opportunities visit or call the Town of Truckee Solid Waste andamp; Recycling Division at (530) 582-2909.andamp;#8212; Submitted via e-mail to


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