Truckee not immune to meth ‘epidemic’ |

Truckee not immune to meth ‘epidemic’

Sierra Sun Editorial

Oftentimes we in the high country of Nevada County feel as though were separated from our down-slope neighbors by impenetrable mountains. That was the impetus behind Truckees incorporation; that the county seat down the hill is too far away to answer our needs.In some instances, however, the distance is a good thing. Up here in Truckee we dont suffer some of the problems people in Grass Valley, Nevada City and the incorporated areas of western Nevada County have to suffer. We have the Sierra Crest to keep the stifling combination of soaring summer temperatures and air pollution at bay, we dont bog down with the incapacitating political hatred that underlies almost every west county issue, nor do we suffer from the methamphetamine epidemic outlined in a recent Nevada County Civil Grand Jury report or do we?In separate incidents on Monday, Truckee police and other law enforcement agencies dealt with as officers called him a meth-crazed man who had barricaded himself inside a home; searched for a young allegedly high man who had run into the woods after being asked to go to rehab; and arrested yet another gentlemen dressed only in martial arts pants and armed with batons who was practicing fighting stances in the middle of the street.Of course three instances dont constitute an epidemic. However, one would have to be completely naive to believe a problem isnt lurking here in town. And its not just the stereotypical outlaw biker or construction worker doing meth, crank, crystal, speed, go, ice or whatever it may be called these days. Stay-at-home moms, kids, business men and women and anyone else who thinks they can get more out of their day by doing a line or two are just as susceptible to meth. We in Truckee are not immune to the methamphetamine scourge that is tearing up families, robbing businesses and killing people like down the hill in west county. To see the social and economic damage done by this insidious drug, go to and click on the Grand Jury Reports link and then Methamphetamine In Nevada County.What the recent Truckee incidents and the report tell us is that despite our lofty mountain location, were just as likely a place to be hit by the epidemic as western Nevada County.