Truckee-Tahoe is the real ‘high-definition’ |

Truckee-Tahoe is the real ‘high-definition’

We’re living in a high-def world. Whether or not you have ever seen a high-definition TV broadcast, you’ve at least witnessed Mother Nature’s real life version the past couple weeks. Between storms, we’ve had incredibly clear skies, dazzling fall colors and crisp, clear views of the mountains. Add the harvest moon and the beauty around us just doesn’t get much better ” anywhere.

Although we might be past prime fall-color time, we strongly recommend you hike or bike the Flume Trail on the east shore of Tahoe soon. The views and the fall colors are spectacular. Now is also a wonderful time to do day hikes into Desolation Wilderness ” just check the weather forecast before you begin, secure your day pass, and let people know where you are going. Make sure you take plenty of food, water and layers of clothing.

Enjoying the outdoors in the fall is therapeutic and spiritual, but don’t forget your garden. It is time to complete your fall planting and to start winterizing your garden. We highly recommend you call or drop by the Villager Nursery and consult with Sarah, Rob, Eric or any their staff. They have the experience, the products and knowledge to help you do things right. You may also wish to visit their web site at

Last year we mentioned the names of several old-time forecasters upon whom people once depended for their winter forecasts. We also mentioned an old Indian chief in Myers (South Lake Tahoe) who used to sit on a rock with his headdress on to make his annual forecast. The Farmer’s Almanac, the number of pine cones, the squirrel population, etc. have also been commonly used to predict the severity of our winters.

My (Norm’s) forecast last year was for a heavier than normal snowfall with moderate temperatures. The forecast was based upon the large number of Cottontail rabbits seen during the summer and fall months and a lucky guess.

This year, we’d like to share your forecasts for this winter, as well as the method(s) upon which you base your predictions. E-mail us at with your forecasts, and we will print them in our column (along with ours) in two weeks.

Alan, Alice, and I played hooky last Friday and drove down to see the Oakland A’s sweep the Minnesota Twins in game three of the American League Division series. We left about 8:15 a.m. and didn’t get home until after 10 p.m. Many people would call us crazy to drive that far, spend the money we did for gas, tickets, beer and hot dogs, but the experience was “priceless.”

Alan has been a diehard A’s fan ever since his grandfather began taking him to games when he was 4- or 5-years-old. His love and devotion for the A’s has kept the rest of our family in sync with the team, and when he was able to produce tickets for Friday’s game, there was no doubt we were going.

Our section of the stadium was filled with fans wearing their A’s shirts, hats, wigs, etc. and everyone had an A’s towel (given to us at the front gate). Some of the real diehards painted their bodies green and yellow, blew horns, beat drums, and carried their brooms for the “sweep.” By the end of the National Anthem, the crowd of more than 37,000 was ready to break loose.

The team did not let us down, and we fans certainly didn’t let the team down. People who had never met before were hugging and high-fiving, yelling and clapping loudly, jumping up and down. If you have never experienced such energy, enthusiasm and insanity, you need to try it. Go A’s.

The answers we were seeking to last week’s question: The Bank of America and U.S. Post Office were former occupants of the building that now houses The Bar of America. Charlie White was our early-bird winner. Other winners included Craig Harvey, Grace Schmidt, Mary DeLisle, Pat Northrop, Jean Armstrong (from Sierra Valley), and Leah Krone.

Mary DeLisle, an 86-year resident, said the California Cafe occupied the building when she was a teenager and that Tony’s Coffee Shop was a later tenant. She also believes that for a time it may have been a Greyhound Bus station.

Leah Krone collected some information indicating that the building may also have been a stage stop and was possibly a part of Coburn’s Station.

Tony Pendegimas of “Sunsports Az Magazine” happened to read our last column on the Sierra Sun Web site and was kind enough to e-mail us an update. “Ron Estabrook lives in the Phoenix area where he meant to retire. He still sells insurance and is the varsity football head coach at Chaparral High School in Scottsdale. He has earned three state titles in 10 years and is contending for a fourth this year.” Thanks Tony.

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