Using astrology to parent teen-agers |

Using astrology to parent teen-agers

[Editor’s note: The following is the first in a two-part series. The second part will print in the next “Fresh View,” which appears the first Wednesday of each month.]

Parents with teen-agers deal with many different kinds of disturbances in their children’s lives. Whether it be mood swings, stress or a more serious disorder, teens need a little tender love and care. According to a 12-year study done by Dr. Carl Jung, the answer to this problem may be found in the hour and location of where the child was born and the positioning of the sun on that day. The following astrological features that I compiled may help both parents and teens handle emotional turmoil in the future.

Scorpio (Oct. 22 through Nov. 22) These teens are intuitive about the motives of people around them. They know when changes need to be made and they want to know how and why something works. They like responsibility and seem to grow up sooner than most. These teens will be able to handle a part-time job and still do well in school.

When Scorpios are in a bad mood, they can be very difficult to get along with. Their love lives are very important to them and they become disagreeable when things aren’t going well in that arena. When they do brainless things it is not because they don’t think about the consequences, it is because they feel the punishment is worth the suffering. These teens will do anything to elude any feelings that hurt them; drugs and alcohol can be a big influence in their lives.

Parents of a Scorpio may find it very difficult to cope with their children. These parents need to be able to know what their children will be up to next and sitting down and talking to them makes matters worse. Parents shouldn’t leave these teens alone to deal with there own problems.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 through Dec. 20) These teens are very optimistic and enjoyable to be around. They do not like to be excessively rebellious but they need their alone time. They are very easy going and manipulative to the point where they always seem to get what they need.

A Sagittarius can be mad, argumentative and even slightly violent. They are brutally honest when they are upset and they will express their feelings in a wining manner to anyone who will listen. They also have the tendencies to blame others for all of their problems. When they are discontent they feel that running away will solve all of their problems.

Parents of these teens can relax because their child’s mood will pass rather quickly. They should wait for the problem to resolve itself and be careful not to tighten the reins at the wrong time because these teens will rebel.

Capricorn (Dec. 22 through Jan. 21) These teens are courteous and practical. They are cautious and they always seem to do well in their studies, especially in math. They usually maintain an after school job and are able to buy the necessary items to keep them happy.

When Capricorns get upset, they tend to keep their feelings to themselves. Signs that these teens may not be doing well include keeping to themselves, a drop in their grades and/or blaming others for their small problems.

Parents, especially the father, need to encourage their Caps to talk. They also need to watch for signs of depression if problems continue to occur.

Aquarius (Jan. 22 through Fe. 19) Aquarius teens are wise beyond their years, they are an independent person who relish in doing things a little out of the ordinary. They take delight in receiving attention, and for the most part, they do well in school. These teens have many friends but they are only close with a couple of them. They also seem to have trust issues when it comes to their love lives.

When these teens are having gloomy times they could possibly start running with the wrong crowd and possibly experiment with drugs and alcohol. Small things begin to annoy them and their out-of-the-ordinary personality could be expressed to sizable extremes.

Parents of these teens should realize there is no talking to their child; they may listen to the parent, but they will rarely ever do what the parent asks. Parents should state there displeasures, but for the most part, they should just sit back and let the problem pass with time.

Pisces (Feb. 19 through March 21) Pisces teens are caring people, and they will always lend a helping hand where they feel it is needed. They seem to make the best of friends with people significantly younger or older than them. They don’t find school excessively stimulating but their memories help them to get good grades.

When Pisces teens are distraught, they experience mood swings. One day they may be sullen and the next they may be overly sarcastic and chatty. They are very insecure when they are having troubles and could turn to drugs and alcohol for comfort.

These teens are difficult to approach, but parents should just know they need to be understanding. Pisces teens need to deal with their problems on their own, but they will need their parents’ comfort when it is all over.

Aries (March 21 through April 20) These teens are easy going and fun to be around. They mind their own business, but they enjoy feeling like they are a part of something, whether it be a group of friends or family members. They always seem to make some of the best sports players on the team.

However, in the worst of times they are tender to criticism, and they are quick to lash out. They do things before they consider the consequences and they will do ridiculous things in order to gain attention. When these teens are upset they are perilous behind the wheel because they enjoy the thrill of speed. They also may try drugs or alcohol just for the thrill of it.

Parents of these teens should not lecture or take their child’s privileges away because it will only provoke further rebellion. Parents should always be there for their children to confide in them. Parents may also want an open door policy so that their children can bring friends home. An Aries at home with friends is less likely to do bad things than an Aries away from home.

Katie Cowie is a student at Tahoe Truckee High School and the editor of the school’s newspaper, The Wolverine.

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