Vegetarian skiing is a great escape from oppression |

Vegetarian skiing is a great escape from oppression

Bob Sweigert

China started the 2008 Beijing Olympics early with a little change of venue, and it wasnt just to have tea with Tibetans. They carried the Olympic torch into Tibet for the rounding up and killing of Buddhist monks. Tibetan citizens protesting for their independence are also being targeted. So much for the Olympic spirit of friendly competition. China does not deserve the privilege of hosting the Olympics. They put lead in our toys and dont even know how to make good handcuffs.I broke out of Chinese handcuffs the first time I ever had them on. We had more fun with those things. The feeling of having your finger caught in one was frightening, at first.Once we figured out how easy it was to escape we couldnt wait to stick our finger back in. The big kid who tricked you into getting stuck was the biggest fool of all. Once you knew the secret of getting free you could figure out a way to take up the slack no matter how hard he pulled. We craved the fear. The more we played with them, the more we developed an immunity to it. We feared nothing. So we started playing with firecrackers. When we heard the Chinese invented firecrackers too, we realized they werent as dumb as we thought. We owe them a lot for their contributions to a great childhood.Now America has to be careful what it says about the Chinese because they outnumber us, and they are really angry that maverick American businessmen have screwed up the global economy by tampering with the mortgage business. We are in political Chinese handcuffs.Some athletes are planning to boycott the Beijing Olympics. But the Chinese are hard working, creative and industrious. Regardless of any boycott, they will spare no expense and really put on a special Olympics. No offense to the Special Olympics.Sorry. I know that social and political unrest is a negative subject. But its all good, right? Yeah, right. Pull your pants up kid. You have a lot to learn. Nobody likes to be negative. We want desperately to believe life is just a big bowl of cherries. It is, but those are not all real cherries. They may look like cherries, but some of them are really cherry bombs. You have to be careful with this cult of positive thinking. It can get you into a lot of trouble. Bad, mean and devious people love good, kind honest people. Nave, positive people are easy prey. The more the merrier for wolves in sheeps clothing, and the easier it is for wolves to feast.Bad people love to pretend they are as sweet as sugar. They know they can attract more bees with honey than they can with vinegar. They neutralize the bees with smoke and mirrors and steal all their honey. Be careful who you trust. Even Barack Obamas innocence is in serious doubt these days. The best thing to do is escape from the world and enjoy some of the best vegetarian skiing in the world. The corn snow and mash potatoes are especially good this time of year. Most Chinese people are as down to earth and as genuinely kind and friendly as you and I. It wouldnt be fair to inconvenience them, but I think we should get a few million Americans to go to Beijing together for the Olympics, all wearing the bright orange robes of the Buddhist monks. The new infrastructure built to host the Olympic games would be sorely inadequate. Wed have communists scrambling all over the city looking for cots, roll away beds and extra housing. We would clog the streets and bring everything to a standstill. It would be a major embarrassment for the government. But it would be loads of fun watching the wolves bend over backwards to treat us the way they should be treating Tibetans.Bob Sweigert is a Sierra Sun columnist, published poet, experienced ski instructor and commercial driver. He’s lived at Lake Tahoe for25 years.

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