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Volunteer Corner: Lydia Van Bruggen

Amy Edgett/Sierra SunLydia VanBruggen

Work in the schools with children in the classrooms.

I work in the third and fifth grades, helping with reading. I love to read books, and know how important that is. I also help with geography. Since I am from a different country, I like to show them where. I am Dutch.

About 10 years. I’m learning from the children every time. I am amazed how much I learn at my age (no I won’t tell) ” even spelling, since everything is different from the language I grew up with.

Yes. I have five children and nine grandchildren. I have a son here and a grandchild in Reno. I am very close with my family.

I was educated in Europe, where it is very important and disciplined. I have an appreciation for education. I help the ones who need it ” lend a helping hand. That’s what I’m here for.

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