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Volunteer Corner

Amy Edgett/Sierra SunBrad and Barbara Bell

How long have you volunteered for the Gift and Thrift shop? Six years this month, just about one month after the thrift shop opened.Why did you choose the Thrift shop for volunteering?We came in the first time to donate some things, and asked if they needed volunteers. Weve been volunteering almost as long as the store has been open.What does the store benefit?The hospice program at Tahoe Forest Hospital.How would interested individuals get involved?Walk into the store and speak with the manager. Volunteers are needed to run the operation: They are half of the support. The more volunteers, the more money can be made for the hospice program.What is your favorite aspect of volunteering?A number of things. We meet people in the community we wouldnt know otherwise. Its a good feeling doing this for a good cause. Its an outlet to help others.Do you have family in the area?We have kids and grandkids in Sacramento, and sisters and brothers in Palm Springs.How long have you lived in Tahoe Donner?Eighteen years. We winter in Palm Springs and summer here.What do you do for fun?We golf, enjoy gardening and taking walks.Anything you would like to add?Yes, please plug the need for volunteers here at the thrift store. Its a great opportunity to give back to the community.The Suns Amy Edgett interviewed the Bells for Volunteer Corner. Please send your suggestions for Volunteer Corner to editor@sierrasun.com, subject Volunteer Corner. For volunteer opportunities in the North Shore and Truckee communities, visit http://www.handsontahoe.org.