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Walking miles across America

Deborah KellySpecial to the Sun
Greyson Howard/Sierra Sun

Living the andamp;#8220;newly-divorced empty-nestandamp;#8221; syndrome life was miserable. It was my 53rd summer and it wasnandamp;#8217;t going to be a hot one. One morning I woke up to the harsh reality of an empty apartment. I looked at my dogandamp;#8217;s inquiring eyes as if he was saying, andamp;#8220;Now what?andamp;#8221; I had sold everything. All my worldly possessions fit in my backpack. I rested my backpack upon my shoulders and sighed to my dog, andamp;#8220;Itandamp;#8217;s just another life adventure.andamp;#8221; With 70 pounds of precious possessions I staggered out the door, my dog following with curious anticipation.We hit the road, walking very slowly. Like life, I had not trained for this adventure. I met my friend waiting to take pictures of this historic event. Gasping for air I yelled, andamp;#8220;Open your trunk.andamp;#8221; I dumped half my possessions then whispered in my dogandamp;#8217;s ear, andamp;#8220;Wow, in one mile weandamp;#8217;ve found out what is important. One can live life without pounds of Mandamp;Ms and, sorry buddy, Milkbones.andamp;#8221; The inspiration for this journey was a story about Spainandamp;#8217;s 500-mile pilgrimage andamp;#8220;El Camino de Santiago.andamp;#8221; Some claim it is a journey beyond the physical destination to the interior of oneself. I traded Spain for America. I thought I would walk to Tahoe from Toledo, Ohio. Being realistic and knowing my flamboyant past of crash-and-burn ideas, I decided my first goal would be St. Louis. This was my time to rehash my life, a life traveling at the speed of light and going nowhere.On this journey I was privy to the American spirit with invitations from strangers to share a meal, hitch a ride and swap lifeandamp;#8217;s stories. Traipsing along US Route 50 by day and nights camping, I began to let go of my fears. I was discovering the andamp;#8220;inner milesandamp;#8221; on this pilgrimage.Going within I discovered my misaligned beliefs created the heavy loads I carried. My eschewed beliefs cast a shadow on my entire life. As I boarded the plane from St. Louis to Tahoe I was identifying beliefs aligned with feeling good. I was traveling toward a more peaceful life. Traveling the Inner Miles is a tune-up for anyoneandamp;#8217;s life.Sure you have to let go of a few things, I call it mind chatter. Science has proven the body is hard-wired for a state of joy. There is a natural conduit in each of us to our wisdom and universal intelligence. This passage has been blocked by our human condition. In order to clear this conduit a person must travel inward to discover and re-connect the parts. When life is observed from within, it changes a personandamp;#8217;s perspective, which in turn attracts a new view of relationships, business, health and pretty much everything. Great lives are created from experiencing this natural guidance system to well-being and learning to use it daily. A resident of Tahoe for five years, Deb Kelly joined her family in creating a thriving business, Kelly Brothers Painting, Inc. Always ready for a new adventure, after many years of study, she has produced a practical guide to support others to find purpose and to expand their worldview. Working one on one, or in a class, each person takes the journey revealing a new inspired world-viewandamp;#8230;without walking 500 miles. Learn more about andamp;#8220;Walking Miles Across America.andamp;#8221; Contact Deb to speak at your next event. She has called her company Inner Miles.

Learn more at http://www.Innermiles.com Schedule a private session at (530) 320-3998 or e-mail Innermiles2009@gmail.comNext Seminar: andamp;#8220;The Real View,andamp;#8221; July 23-24

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