Watching the zeroes roll on by |

Watching the zeroes roll on by

A personal thank-you goes out this week to Gayle Green at Donner Memorial State Park.

Like many readers, I’ve enjoyed her weekly “Donner Party, 150 Years Ago” column that appeared in the paper during the past year. Coinciding with the week the last survivor left Truckee 150 years ago, Gayle’s final installment begins on page one. Gayle, a passionate Donner Party historian, also is featured in the Truckee Almanac inserted in this week’s paper.

Throughout this year’s sesquicentennial, the Emigrant Trail Museum where Gayle works as a park ranger provided Donner Party history to media from across the country.

150 to 100,000

One of those curious events occurred last week while driving along West River Street -the odometer on my trusty old Chevy Sprint broke the 100,000-mile mark.

Watching all of those zeroes pop up on the dash brought a rush of memories to mind. Except for a few hundred miles when others drove the Sprint, I put nearly all 100,000 miles on the nearly decade-old warhorse. It’s difficult not to feel nostalgic about the places we traveled to together between here and the Rocky Mountains.

Here’s hoping for another 100,000.

100,000 to 20

Speaking of nostalgia, I was jolted from a melancholy day last week by a phone call from the East Coast.

On the line was a former classmate informing me of our 20th high school reunion in the fall. I’ve never attended one of these functions, and am not sure if I’ll be traveling east later this year to mingle with my thirty-something crowd from high school. The 15-minute mini-reunion with someone I hadn’t spoken to in more than 15 years may have to suffice.

Although it was odd hearing a voice from so far in the past, it also was oddly familiar, almost eerie. Despite the years, my friend and I carried on a relaxed, comfortable conversation peppered with wisecracks and references to people and incidents I had barely thought about much, if at all, in years.

It made me aware how far we’ve traveled, and not just in miles like the ones rolling by on my Sprint’s odometer.

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