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Whooeee! Where’s the outrage, comrade?

Whooeee! Not even a year until the Big Election and the dung-slinging pettiness is already hitting the fan.

And no, I’m not talking about who gets to clean up after George W. and his cohorts. The Big Election, as far as I’m concerned, is all about who will represent us in Congress.

Will it be our down-but-not-out Rep. John Doolittle again ” after being elected again and again and again (did I miss an again?). Will it be his recent Democrat foe, Charlie Brown?

Will it be fellow Republicans Eric Egland or Mike Holmes; or maybe Ted Gaines, the man who has, according to District 5 Placer County Supervisor Bruce Kranz, “revealed himself not as a man of Republican principles, but a political opportunist disloyal to his Party, its leadership, and his constituents…”

Or more importantly to Kranz, I reckon, disloyal to Doolittle, who’s been pegged by some pundits as Congressional District 4’s Republican godfather, puppetmaster and/or king-maker.

Seems Kranz is, for the lack of more pissy adjective, pissed at Gaines because Gaines has decided to run in the Republican congressional primary against, you guessed it, Doolittle, who just last year “helped” Gaines into the state Assembly from his seat on the Placer Board of Supes. Gaines now represents the California portion of the Tahoe Basin.

Because of that perceived political back-stabbing, Kranz ” acting out of his own righteous indignation, I’d reckon again ” has penned a resolution calling for the Placer County Republican Central Committee (why does that sound like something out of the Kremlin circa 1950?) to censure Gaines. (And why does that conjure up the image of Gaines getting a wedgie by a bunch of old pasty white men?)

Whooeee! The slingin’ isn’t even between the Elephants and Donkeys. Where the dung eventually lands will be decided tonight in the not-so-smokey back room of the Zinfandel Grille down I-80 in Rocklin. I wonder if non-comrades of the Central Committee can have a bite and watch the fun?

To get an immediate fix on this delectable Elephant infighting, read Kranz’s rant ” um, I mean resolution above.

Until you read that, let me provide you with some of the highlights (or lowlights) ” not including the bits about the Sac Bee’s “public lynching of an honorable man [Doolittle] not indicted and without a nanosecond in court…”

Kranz points out that Gaines and Doolittle “stood arm in arm” last year after the election, “but in his short time in office, Gaines has supported legislation and taken actions against Republican principals [sic] such as fiscal conservatism and property rights…”

The nerve!

Meanwhile, Kranz’s censure proposal would have the Central Committee reaffirm its support of Doolittle, “an outstanding Congressman against a political opportunist…” Kranz further resolves that if Gaines runs for re-election to the Assembly, the Central Committee should encourage “good Republicans to consider a run against the opportunistic Gaines.”

Without getting into the precise political definitions of “opportunist,” or “good Republican” for that matter, I don’t remember Kranz, or any other local Republicans, getting huffy when Doolittle was not-so discreetly asked to “temporarily” relieve himself of his plum seat on the powerful House Appropriations Committee earlier this year.

That after the FBI searched Doolittle’s Virginia home and confiscated records pertaining to his wife’s business.

Summary: Republicans, Abramoff, Cunningham, Foley, scandal, corruption, indictments, convictions, 2006 election debacle.

The order for Doolittle’s ouster undoubtedly came down the GOP food chain waaaaaay above the quaint Placer County Republican Central Committee. Try the

Republican National Committee, which is still licking its wounds after last year’s election rout and doesn’t want Doolittle’s unseemly associations ” which, granted, he has not been indicted for ” to lead to another lost House seat.

Sure sounds like the political definition of “expediency” or even “let’s cut our losses,” which in politics is the same as being “opportunistic.”

I don’t recall any Placer County Republican Central Committee members calling for the head of Egland, a future Doolittle primary foe, after he got a photo op with Bush earlier this year in the Rose Garden. Egland, according to Doolittle staff, first met Bush when the president was campaigning for, you guessed it, Doolittle.

Whooeee! Where’s the wedgie resolution, I ask? Where’s the outrage, comrade?

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