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Why bash Canada?

I am responding to the letter to the editor (“Fine, move north” Sierra Sun Nov. 12) from the president of the Truckee-Tahoe Republican Women. I take offense at her perplexing request for Democrats to move to Canada in order to “give us more red states in 2008,” while at the same time bashing Canada. Have we not already made enough enemies in the last four years without adding Canada? Is not “democracy” an ideal pushed by this administration so furiously that it feels the need to invade foreign countries in order to impose that ideal upon them? Where is the democracy in banishing the opposing political party to Canada? Isn’t it bad enough that our two-party system is so entrenched as to not even seriously allow a third party (mine – the Green Party, for instance) to infiltrate and make any serious impact?I can understand that the letter writer did not want to move to Canada after being disappointed in the 1992 and 1996 elections. After all, a president lying about not having sex doesn’t quite have the same personal impact as a president lying to get us into a war where thousands are being killed and our credibility in the world community has been seriously damaged. The tone of the writer’s letter further strengthens my belief that the Bush administration and its followers have an egocentric and dangerous view of world politics. It is vital for them to start caring for others – wounded and disabled veterans of the Iraq war, for example, instead of hyperfocusing on their selfish, self-serving interests. They do not appear to care about other countries, other cultures, our own people (who, granted, may be different from them), and certainly not the environment. They have shown their disdain of other countries by not only disregarding the U.N., but by not even bothering to count the Iraqi dead. Every morning we get a new death count of American soldiers, which in itself is staggering and horrific, but never a count of the Iraqi citizens killed. Every life has value.Instead of sending disappointed voters to Canada, maybe the writer’s party should listen to the other half of the country who still believe in the democratic ideals of America – separation of church and state and the system of checks and balances to name a couple. I believe in this country and its ideals of letting the people have the voice. When President Bush responded to protesters of the war in Iraq, he stated that he didn’t care what the masses thought, he would do what he thought was best. As our elected official he needs to consider the American voice. In the spirit of democracy, there are many people who are not moving to Canada, who will continue to question and challenge (hopefully loudly) poor decisions made by this administration and hold it accountable to not only Americans, but to the world’s citizens. You and your party need to learn to respect and value others’ opinions and lives, and maybe it would be wise to reevaluate the meaning of a democratic government.Marnie Anderson lives in Truckee.

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