Winter coming up strong, so proceed with caution |

Winter coming up strong, so proceed with caution

There is an urgency with which our local emergency services agencies urge caution as the winter season approaches – and with good reason.

On any given day, Truckee can be the coldest spot on earth – OK, no earth, but at least in the continental United States – and with the freezing temperatures and extreme topography, weather can be nasty, and driving becomes a chore.

Truckee-ites who have been here awhile should educate newcomers and those who have only been here for a few mild winters.

They weather predictors say El Nino is once again upon us, which , if history holds up, indicates we should get a healthy dose of snowy days, a lot of driveway shoveling and a drastic reduction in real estate prices (as trophy house-owners scramble back to San Jose).

Unfortunately, the net effect of snow-slick roads mixed with deep powder is a lot of novice winter drivers from the flats buzzing up to the resorts, and creating a lot of danger.

It’s good for our economy, but its hell for our driving.

So when the SUV monsters are tailgating, truckers are roaring down I-80 and snowplows are making their morning rounds, take your time, leave a little extra space and remember, El Nino can be a good thing, just remember to take precautions.