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Word on the Street: How concerned are you with Sierra Nevada forest health?

Will Straub


According to the U.S. Forest Service, there was an estimated 35,038 dead or dying trees within the Lake Tahoe Basin in both Nevada and California by the end of 2015, with 11,215 acres affected by mortality.

Meanwhile, the Tahoe National Forest — which extends east of Sacramento, through the foothills and across the Sierra crest to the California state line — showed roughly 93,167 dead or dying trees and 33,266 acres of mortality.

TRUCKEE, Calif. — This week’s question: How concerned are you with the health of the Sierra Nevada forests?

Here are answers, as asked Monday in Truckee:

Jim Marymee, retired, Truckee: “I’m concerned, but you kind of feel helpless. It’s kind of like we’re at the mercy of the weather gods. If we don’t have trees, who’s going to want to come up here? I like green, I like blue. Water and trees, that’s why I’m here.”

Will Straub, ski patrol, Tahoe City: “I’m concerned over beetle kill, and drought intensifies the beetle kill. But it’s not something that’s on the forefront of my mind.”

Katie Harrison, server, Truckee: “I guess pretty concerned. The drought made it super dry, so the fires are a hazard definitely.”

Kim Bennett, customer service, Truckee: “Very. You drive down the street and you see trees turning brown and it just doesn’t seem right.”

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