You know you are a Truckee local ifandamp;#8230; |

You know you are a Truckee local ifandamp;#8230;

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TRUCKEE, Calif. andamp;#8212; You know you are a Truckee local if andamp;#8230;1. Snow in June is an inconvenience but not a surprise.2. You know The Richardson House is now a six-bedroom luxury vacation home.3. You know the large, white cross next to the Truckee Elementary School is a historic landmark, not a religious symbol holding up andamp;#8220;the fingerandamp;#8221; at the separation of church andamp; state.4. You know The Richardson House does not serve breakfast because it is not a Bandamp;B, unless you slip Chelsea a crisp Benjamin, then sheandamp;#8217;ll serve up whatever you like.5. You know where Hooligan Rock is and what its original purpose was; you donandamp;#8217;t just blindly drive by it on your way to fight the crowds at Safeway.6. You know The Richardson House is available to rent (yes andamp;#8211; the entire house, folks), and is perfect for family/friend gatherings, small weddings and corporate retreats.7. You know the little cemetery on the road to the current cemetery is a Catholic cemetery. It was developed the same year as the one on the top of the hill, making it neither andamp;#8220;olderandamp;#8221; nor andamp;#8220;newerandamp;#8221; than the other and shouldnandamp;#8217;t be referred to as the andamp;#8220;Old Cemetery.andamp;#8221;8. You know The Richardson House kicks back discounts for locals and their friends, contact You know the abandoned rooms on the corner of Jibboom andamp; Bridge Streets were built post war as a highway hotel and were never andamp;#8220;Cat Houses,andamp;#8221; no matter what your Uncle Jimmy told you.10. You know The Richardson House has not been a Bandamp;B for more than five years; no really, it is not a Bandamp;B!andamp;#8212; Chelsea Walterscheid, The Richardson House, house manager, 530-563-6874 or

The Richardson House a luxury vacation home available for rent. Many local not-for-profit organizations enjoyed complimentary use of the house for their board meetings. A proud supporter of the community, a portion of the proceeds from every booking goes back to the Truckee Donner Historical Society. In addition, TRH is supporter of The Truckee Donner Land Trust, Trails andamp; Vistas and the Historical Haunted Walking Tour (to name a few).Please check out the web site to learn more about the Vacation Home, the people who run it, community partners and more at Any more references to TRH as a Bandamp;B will result in a fine, which will be put right into Chelseaandamp;#8217;s pocket, I mean donated to a local charity.