Your opinion on Sun’s future needed |

Your opinion on Sun’s future needed

In case anyone has had their head in the sand for the past few years and has missed it, here’s a news flash: Truckee is growing.

We like to joke around here that we could cover nothing but new development in this paper every week and still fill every single page with stories.

Commercial development, new housing and new resorts are all on the way and, like it or not, no economic downturn is going to hide the fact that Truckee has been discovered. The days of being a quaint, quiet mountain town like Downieville or Quincy are over.

Between 1990 and 2000, according to the U.S. Census, Truckee’s population grew an estimated 57 percent or so, from about 8,800 to nearly 14,000.

We at the Sierra Sun are fully aware that Truckee is changing, and have been evaluating our role in bringing you the news to see how to best serve this changing community.

One of the most frequently asked questions our staff gets is, “when are you going daily?”

Well, that’s not quite in the cards just yet, but the powers that be are considering a move that would take the Sierra Sun from weekly to twice a week publication.

We’ve certainly got the news to do it. Every week the editorial staff has to make a judgment call about what we can fit in our meager little once-a-week pages, and every week we have to leave something out because we just can’t quite fit it in.

But having the news is just one facet. We also are studying advertising, circulation and production issues to see if a twice-weekly Sierra Sun is feasible.

Most important, though, is your opinion. We’d like to take your pulse and see what you think of the idea. A twice-weekly Sierra Sun won’t be worth the paper it’s printed on if you won’t support it, so we’re asking you, constant reader, to help us out by telling us your thoughts on the matter. If you’d like to give us some input in this process, please take a moment to drop us an e-mail or letter with your thoughts on us going twice a week.

Thanks for taking the time to help us out and thanks for reading the Sierra Sun, which has been Truckee’s local newspaper for more than 130 years and we’re hoping to be able to serve you for 130 more.

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