Restaurant Guide

Reno Restaurants are One of a Kind

Reno is home to some of the most diverse dining options both new and old. Reno is more than a city to gamble in, this city is also a secret hub to discover new food in. Reno restaurants have become a staple to the biggest little city. But Reno dining would be nothing without the low key restaurants and bars that specialize in offering incredible food and tons of it to the locals who happily call Reno their home. Reno restaurants are truly for everyone with an endless number of choices in style, price, and flavor. Whether you’re here for the weekend or here to stay, we recommend making it a priority to indulge in all Reno restaurants have to offer at least once while you’re here. No matter what mood you’re in, Reno has a restaurant to fit it. Being a resort and casino hub also gives Reno the edge on high class dining. From steak and seafood choices, to lounge bars, and plenty of fresh sushi and Asian-inspired options, our casinos and resorts take dining to a new level. Reno’s historic and cultural past have an incredible influence on our dining even today. Here you can find classic Italian and Basque options, in addition to traditional Mexican food. Our Midtown District has become one of the best local areas for all tastes. Reno’s diversity in food and bars combines the days before the city had become a hub for gambling and entertainment, with today and even beyond.