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2010 Olympic watch: Bahrke helps Olympic chances with podium finish

AP Report

PARK CITY, Utah and#8212; U.S. skier Heather McPhie has improved her chances of qualifying for her first Olympics by tying for first place in a World Cup moguls event with Jennifer Heil of Canada.

Shannon Bahrke of Tahoe City, a 2002 Olympic silver medalist, also enhanced her chance with a third-place podium finish. Reno’s Shelly Robertson was seventh.

Dale Begg-Smith of Australia won his third straight men’s competition at Deer Valley Resort in Park City, Utah, on Thursday.

McPhie followed a helicopter at the top with a soaring back flip at the bottom, while Heil caught an edge and wavered before her bottom air. She recovered to stick her jump for her third consecutive World Cup victory and second in a row at Deer Valley.

McPhie and Heil both posted the same scores for their runs and in the tiebreaker based on the turn component of their results.

Heil had never seen anyone share a podium spot in her 10 years on the circuit.

Freestyle World Cup Results

At Deer Valley Resort

Park City, Utah



1. Dale Begg-Smith, Australia, 26.12 points. 2. Guilbaut Colas, France, 25.48. 3. Dmitriy Reiherd, Kazakhstan, 25.10. 4. Patrick Deneen, United States, 24.85. 5. Jesper Bjoernlund, Sweden, 24.84. 6. Jeremy Cota, United States, 24.44. 7. Dennis Dolgodvorov, Russia, 23.82. 8. Michael Morse, United States, 23.76. 9. David Babic, United States, 23.43. 10. Warren Tanner, Canada, 23.29. Overall World Cup Standings

(After five events)

1. Dale Begg-Smith, Australia, 395. 2. Jesper Bjoernlund, Sweden, 326. 3. Alexandre Bilodeau, Canada, 205. 4. Bryon Wilson, United States, 190. 5. Dmitriy Reiherd, Kazakhstan, 177. 6. Guilbaut Colas, France, 170. 7. Michael Morse, United States, 157. 8. Alexandr Smyshlyaev, Russia, 147. 9. Vincent Marquis, Canada, 114. 10. Denis Dolgodvorov, Russia, 99.



1 (tie), Heather McPhie, United States and Jennifer Heil, Canada, 24.59. 3. Shannon Bahrke, Tahoe City, 24.18. 4. Margarita Marbler, Austria, 24.14. 5. Aiko Uemura, Japan, 23.93. 6. Michelle Roark, United States, 23.88. 7. Shelly Robertson, Renos, 23.84. 8. Hannah Kearney, United States, 23.65. 9. Audrey Robichaud, Canada, 23.09. 10. Ekaterina Stolyarova, Russia, 22.77. Overall World Cup Standings

(After five events)

1. Jennifer Heil, Canada, 405. 2. Heather McPhie, United States, 276. 3. Kristi Richards, Canada, 236. 4. Aiko Uemura, Japan, 230. 5. Nikola Sudova, Czech Republic, 222. 6. Hannah Kearney, United States, 216. 7. Shannon Bahrke, Tahoe City, 182. 8. Margarita Marbler, Austria, 172. 9. Shelly Robertson, Reno, 167. 10. Chloe Dufour-Lapointe, Canada, 133.