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$30,000 in Far West Masters Scholarships awarded

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Front row, from left: Eddie Mozen, Master; Zack Staudenmayer, U-12, Stacey Cook, USST, andSydney Snelbaker, U-19. Second row, from left: Francesca English, U-19; Mo Lebel, U-19; Isaac Mozen, U-16; and Scotty Lebel, U-19. Back row, from left: Pierre JeanGerard, Master and Coach; Mark Engel, USST, Nico Monforte, University of Nevada, Reno; and Calvin Wilson, U-19.
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2014-’15 Far West Masters Scholarship recipients

Guthrie Goss, Squaw Valley

Faith Cooper, Sugar Bowl

Jillian Ferre, Squaw Valley

Olivia Sproehnle, Squaw Valley

Sophia Staudenmayer, Squaw Valley

Bruno Amon-Franceschi, Mammoth

Cole Matteson, Squaw Valley

Kaz Sosnkowski, Squaw Valley

Drew Wingard, Squaw Valley

Cynthia Curle, Mt. Rose

AJ Hurt, Squaw Valley

Belle Johnson, Diamond Peak

Eva Yguico, Mammoth

Erik Eisen, Mammoth

Sheldon French, Mammoth

Theodore Jaffrey, Mammoth

Dashiell Prince-Judd, Sugar Bowl

Connor Staley, Mammoth

Noah Williams, Sugar Bowl

Cheyenne Brown, Squaw Valley

Haley Louis, Sugar Bowl

Rachel Meyer, Diamond Peak

Sydney Snelbaker, Mammoth

Hyla Staudenmayer, Squaw Valley

Lachian Anderson, Mammoth

Trevor Buongiorno, Mammoth

Kevin Caravelli, Squaw Valley

Austin Carr, Squaw Valley

Brett Hurt, Squaw Valley

Duncan Reid, Mammoth

Max Wingard, Squaw Valley

Pilar Alvarez, Sugar Bowl

Katherine Brown, Mammoth

Sinead Danagher, Sugar Bowl

Elisabeth Heit, Mammoth

Sonja Koblas, Northstar

Maureen Lebel, Mammoth

Harrison Goss, Squaw Valley

Jimmy Wehsener, Mammoth

Max Ziontz, Mammoth

Sarah Auer, Sugar Bowl

Maia Bickert, Mammoth

Francesca English, Squaw Valley

Natalie Riffel, Mammoth

Tenaya Standteiner, Squaw Valley

Scotty Lebel, Mammoth

The Far West Masters Scholarship Program awarded $30,000 to local Far West athletes last week. This is the 24th year of the program, and it has given out $850,000 to Far West Athletes over that time.

The goal of the Far West Masters Scholarship Program is to promote academic scholarship, citizenship and leadership within the ski racing community and keep athletes involved in ski racing that might not otherwise have a chance without financial support.

Selected participants are chosen based on a combination of (and in order of importance) citizenship, exemplary work ethic, academic scholarship, financial need and race results. They are awarded a sum of money that is used for race-related expenses during the ski season.

In return, the chosen athlete must sign a contract agreeing to abide by the USSA code of conduct and set up a forerun date for a Masters race to both forerun and then stand up in front of the group and give a “talk” at the awards party about themselves.

This article was submitted by Far West Skiing. Information about each scholarship recipient is available at fwskiing.us.