Beckham reveling in new celebrity arena |

Beckham reveling in new celebrity arena

I thought David Beckham was a soccer ” er, football ” star.

Funny, he seems to want to be a movie star.

I knew when I read the stories about Beckham giving up on Europe to make the move over to the States that the uber-celebrity was just trying to get closer to Hollywood.

It’s no secret that “Becks and Posh” were just trying to latch on to the center of the celebrity world.

It seems that so far, Hollywood is playing ball.

The 32-year-old England international’s Major League Soccer debut was a typical Los Angeles premier. Red carpet interviews, camera pans to movie stars and cheesy interviews with B-list celebrities like Drew Carrey and Jennifer Love-Hewitt.

As if those two know anything about soccer.

Which was what made Beckham’s first game as a member of the Galaxy so funny.

In all honesty it was not really about soccer, it was about Hollywood’s newest celebrity, David Beckham.

The sellout crowd of 27,000 that crammed into the Home Depot center didn’t want to see the Galaxy play Chelsea.

They didn’t show up to see Alan Gordon start at left forward ” although they should have; when that boy breaks loose it’s gonna be a goal fest ” or even to see Landon Donovan make some magic and inspire a shocking win. Good thing, all he did was blow a six-yard sitter.

No, they came to see Beckham playing on U.S. soil dressed in a U.S. kit.

Which is perhaps what made the whole circus even more hilarious.

Sure, there’s been plenty of talk about the ankle injury he picked up with the England team a month ago.

I’m sure he’s real sore.

Of course, he hasn’t really trained much since he’s been in town.

I heard ” on good authority ” that he’s been attending parties at Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ place. In fact, from what I hear, he brought his new team with him.

And soccer fans wondered why he would move from Real Madrid to the Galaxy.

The boy wants to be a movie star.

Even his entrance into the match was a big show.

If Beckham was really injured, he wouldn’t have played at all. But if he was healthy, he most likely would have started.

Starting would have been anticlimactic for Beckham, the savior of American professional soccer.

How could he know those fans were cheering for just him if he started the game with 22 other players?

But what better way to make a grand entry than solo? He came in with 15 minutes to play as a single substitution to the raucous cheers of a packed stadium.

Now that’s the way to make an entrance.

But alas, the savior managed little more than to draw a midfield foul, allowing his countrymen to walk away with the victory.

So he didn’t get a 25-yard free kick just off center. He didn’t loft a ball right to a sprinting forward for a game winner. The Galaxy lost.

But even so, even if the savior of U.S. soccer is a pretty-boy Brad Pitt wannabe whose wife made him move from Spain just so she could lock down a reality TV show, I’m still glad it seems to be working.

The stadium was full, fans tuned in and people seemed to actually watch a soccer game.

Whoever is responsible, it’s nice to see America actually attempt to embrace the world’s most popular sport.

Alex Close is a sportswriter for the Sierra Sun and the assistant editor of the Tahoe World. He may be reached at

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