Benefits of fishing go beyond the big catches |

Benefits of fishing go beyond the big catches

In the busy lives we all have, stress is a constant companion. Whether we feel it or not, just working for a living will create enough stress to make you feel overwhelmed at times. Couple that with outside activities, children and you get the picture.

Have you ever thought of fishing as being therapeutic? Fishing is a great stress reliever for many of those who pursue the sport. What can be better than to be out on your favorite stream or lake and relaxing?

This past weekend, after an action-packed week of work and activities, it was very nice just to get out and take a trip to a neighboring lake with a couple of friends to pursue my favorite pastime.

I had waited for the day with great anticipation.

The day broke with a mixture of sun and overcast, and a good amount of wind. Wind can be both a friend and a hindrance to the fisherman. Knowing the impact of wind on the fish allows the angler to increase his chances of finding the fish.

On lakes like the one that I was on, wind causes food to be blown toward a certain shoreline. Fish typically take up feeding along those windward shores.

Food is also trapped in wind lines that are formed on the water. These calm areas amidst the windblown surface tend to trap food on the edges of calm and rough waters. As a result, the fisherman can concentrate on these areas and be successful.

The big problem with the wind is that, for fly fishers, casting can be a little more difficult than if conditions were calm. Winds in the 25- to 35-mile per hour range can be tough to fish.

Most anglers will maneuver themselves in their boat, pram or float tube to get into the best possible casting position to fish a likely looking spot. Others will alter their casting technique, and still others do not seem to take many precautions. The ones that do not pay close attention are typically the ones getting hooked or hooking their friends.

While the wind can make conditions more difficult, the fishing is usually pretty good. Keep in mind that the broken surface of the water makes the fish less wary because they have a difficult time sensing your presence. They cannot see above water like they usually do because of the choppy waters.

While the fishing required a little more work, it was still great to be out on the water. A fair number of fish were caught and a couple of fish were very nice indeed.

That old adage, “A bad day fishing is better than a good day at work!,” comes to mind when I think of fishing. Boy is this ever true.

Even though the fishing required a little more work because of the tough conditions; it was very pleasurable nonetheless.

Even when the fish were uncooperative, I found myself watching an Osprey hovering in the sky looking around for a fish. Several times it began a dive only to swerve off at the last moment before crashing into the water.

I also watched a pair of Canada geese and their young, some mud hens, blackbirds and the swallows that were flying and collecting insects over the water. I also heard some mountain quail calling in the distance.

I am very sure that the sights, the sounds and the time fishing did wonders for my blood pressure.

Can fishing be called a stress reliever? You bet!

My wife and children will often tell me to, “Go fishing!” when I am in a bad mood. An hour or two on the water in the evening has changed my countenance many a time. Fishing is a very relaxing sport for me, and I am sure that can be for you. Try it yourself sometime.

Fishing report

Boca – (37,660 ac. ft.) Boca has been fishing fair to good. Most anglers fishing from shore near the inlet are having some success. The area near the dam is also fishing well. Most anglers use nightcrawlers or Powerbait. Boaters are having some success. Most were using a combination of flashers and a nightcrawler or minnow imitating lure. Kokanee fishing has been good. Flyfishermen near the inlet are having fair to good action using a variety of nymphs, streamers, and emergers.

Donner – (Boat Ramp is closed for repairs, scheduled through June 15) Fishing has been fair to good. Most anglers fishing for rainbows on the west end and near the launch ramp have had some success. Nightcrawlers and Powerbait seem to be the main bait. Trollers using minnow imitating lures have had fair to good success.

Lake Tahoe – (Elevation 6228.63) Fishing has been good for mackinaw. Most fish typically are in the five- to seven-pound range. A guide is highly recommended if you are fishing for mackinaw for the first time. Toplining and shore fishing is slow overall. Remember tributaries to Tahoe are closed to all fishing until July 1 and close again on Sept. 30. No fishing is also allowed within 300 ft. of these tributaries.

Martis Lake – (Martis is restricted to artificial lures with barbless hooks. Zero fish may bagged or possessed) Fishing is fair, but improving. Most use nymphs such as the Hares Ear, Pheasant Tail, Damselfly imitations or the A.P. Streamers that imitate small fish, and woolly buggers are also good choices. For surface activity, patterns such as the Quiqley Cripple, Martis Midge, Parachute Adams and Griffith’s Gnat are good choices. Lots of midge activity on calm days and in the evening. Midge pupa patterns are working, but the fishing can be tough.

Little Truckee River – Fishing has been fair. Fishing has been fair to good near the inlet area of the Little Truckee into Boca Reservoir. Flyfishermen fishing this stretch between Stampede and Boca concentrate on nymphs and streamers, but there has been some fair dry fly action at times.

Prosser – (23,155 ac. ft.) Fishing has been fishing fair to good.

Fishing here is mostly with nightcrawlers or Powerbait.

Flyfishermen near the inlets have taken a few fish mostly on

nymphs and streamers.

Stampede – (221,258 ac. ft.) Stampede is fair to good. Most shore anglers are taking fish, some very nice. Most use the typical baits, nightcrawlers or Powerbait. Topliners have fair to good success for Kokanee salmon. Most used a flasher of some sort and a Kokanee bug or wedding ring with a piece of white corn.

Truckee River – The release was raised last Tuesday to 726 cubic feet per second from the dam at Tahoe City. With cooler temperatures this past week, the river has slowed down a bit to 1,130 cubic feet per second in the Truckee area. Fishing has been fair when the water conditions permit. As has been the case thus far in the season, conditions are dependent on the weather and the amount of snowmelt. Try nymphs and streamers near the edges and near obstructions when conditions permit.

Other Waters – Davis and Frenchman lakes fished fair to good this past week. Reports indicate that fishing has been very good. Nothing new on the pike situation yet.

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