Building a swim team at North Tahoe High School |

Building a swim team at North Tahoe High School

Special to the Sun

For the past several years, students from North Tahoe High school have been showing interest in swimming — since we live closest to one of the largest lakes in the U.S., it makes since.

But, due to the fact there is no community pool on the California side of North Lake Tahoe, there has been no formal team.

The few kids who wanted to swim in the past years joined up with the Truckee and Incline coaches who happily took them under their wing and helped them “be a team.”

This was a great thing, as it gave those few kids an opportunity to have a swim team who wanted to.

This season is a season of change. For the first time, North Tahoe High school has its own coach — Teacher Orion Izzard decided to take on the Lakers’ swim team.

He was told, “don’t worry, there will only be a few kids,” less than 10 for sure.

So, Orion sent out a student invite to see how many kids would show up. At the first meeting, 26 kids attended. Since that day, multiple other kids have stopped by saying they want to join the team too.

Building a team and a program takes time. But the new and improved North Tahoe Lakers swim team has promise.

The team will be led by current Truckee Tahoe Swim Team club swimmer Hunter Hoffman who is a freshman this year.

Although, Hunter is the only club swimmer, there are several kids who have swum for North Tahoe recreational teams, including freshman Casey Garrity, sophomore Wyatt Johannsson and junior Payten Black.

The team has countless other great athletes who are going to bring promise to the team.

Since there is still no pool here in North Tahoe, the team is practicing Monday through Friday at the Truckee Community, from 3-4 p.m.

Visit learn more about North Tahoe High School. Email Izzard at to learn more about the swim team.