County ordinance would limit signs |

County ordinance would limit signs

As you are all aware, fishing is something that I enjoy very much. Recently, though, my personal schedule has caused me numerous conflicts which do not allow me much time to get out and “wet a line.”

A couple of recent events have emphasized the importance of taking the time to get out and do a little fishing. One event was positive while the other quite negative.

Just prior to the first major storm of the year, one of my best fishing partners called and asked if I could go fishing for a couple of hours. I thought about it for a moment and checked my planner to see if I was due at one of my children’s activities or anything else. I had just spent the morning watching my son cross-country ski race for the first time.

Lo and behold, I had a window of opportunity. “Sure, I would be happy to go,” I eagerly replied. I rushed to gather my gear. Upon grabbing my vest, I realized that I did not have my 2000 fishing license yet. So a quick call back to my friend was made to tell him that I’d be a few minutes late, but I was coming (too many times of late, something else has come up when I had something planned and I had not been able to meet my friends for an outing).

Finally, I was on the road to pick up my license. Getting the license was quick and painless, after I parted with the $28.10.

It was 2:15 p.m. when I finally arrived at the west end of Donner Lake. I got my gear together, pulled on my hip waders and headed down to the beach to meet my friend who was already searching the water with methodical casts.

I watched and felt sheer enjoyment just being out on the water. Upon beginning my first cast, I realized that I had become rusty since the last time I had been out. If fly-casting is an art form, mine was at the elementary level. It was great to be fishing though, and when I got the one tug of the day for me, I was surprised to find a nice lake trout (mackinaw) on the other end. While small for a lake trout at 21 inches, it was real exciting to battle on a fly rod.

My friend caught a small rainbow. We saw other fish chasing midges and other fish way out of casting range. One fish was huge. We presume that it was chasing one of the smaller rainbows that had been caught by some of our local fly anglers over the course of the past several weeks while the lake was open. The couple of hours passed quickly and I hardly noticed the cold as we walked over the snow to get back to our vehicles. The afternoon had been a real success.

A week later, a co-worker and friend that I had known since I arrived in this area in December of 1977 passed away very unexpectedly. Knowing how much he and his family were looking forward to retirement, caused me to also realize that working long hours without any breaks has been very stressful.

While we all look to the future, sometimes we all have to take some time for ourselves and do a reality check. My New Year’s resolution should include some fishing (for a stress reduction plan). I tied a few flies for the first time in many months and felt great afterwards, just as I did when I had the opportunity to go fishing with my friend at Donner Lake.

When opportunity presents itself, take advantage of it because life really is too short. I hope that I can change my schedule around so that when the many opportunities present themselves, I can take advantage of some of them.

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