Cubs win big, Angels pull off close game in little league this week |

Cubs win big, Angels pull off close game in little league this week

Following are scores from the last week of play in Truckee Little League. Scores reflect those turned in by coaches by Monday at noon .

Score sheets may be dropped off at the Sierra Sun offices or faxed to 587-3763.

Lions Club Cubs 25 – Vacation Property Management Reds 19

In this farm league game, Ryan Newland hit a home run, while Greg Pearson and Christopher Smith hit two apiece.

Haley Vincent, Tucker Ballister and Dylan Secrist each hit home runs.

Andrew Prado pulled off an out at first, while Secrist caught two pop flies and Vincent caught one.

Northstar Mariners 15 – Angels 13

In the fourth inning, Jordan Spohr hit a grand slam. In the second, Chris Garrison pulled off a great out at second base. In the third, Vaughan Vajgrt made a great play at first base for an out.

TBall A’s 0 – Coffee and TBall Cubs 0

The Cubs had some excellent hits against the A’s. Mitch Nelson hit three whoppers over second base, while Sonny Alaniz had one smack and Kali had a couple of hits. Alaniz played excellent defense, even stopping the ball with his body. Michael Reynaud had a good stop at first base. Ben Bolton had some good plays at third, including a caught fly ball, as did Mitch Nelson.

Coffee and TBall Cubs 0 – Al Pombo Angels 0

Derek Graham had a great hit past second base early in the bottom of the second inning. Michael Reyhaud hit a great ball to second base in the second inning. Mitch Nelson hit a whopper to the outfield. Ben Bolton made a diving stop at first base in the second inning. Lauren Driscoll stopped the ball with her stomach and finished the play. Mitch Nelson stopped a line drive and made the play at first.

Optimist Orioles 9 – Lions Cubs 6

Kevin Decker was 2 for 3, Trevor Allen was 3 for 3, Charlie Wills 3 for 3, Sean Vincent was 2 for 3 and had the game-winning RBI, Francisco Lopez had a two-run double and was 2 for 3, and Allbe Macrorie was 2 for 3.

At shortstop, John DePew had an unassisted double play.

Orioles coach Jim Dill said, “We played tough, kept it close and were able to pull it off in the last inning.”

Runs were scored by Tucker Ballister, Dylan Secrist, Kevin Barchas and Angie Schott. Myles Allen, Secrist and Barchas each had RBI.

Quinton Evans caught a foul pop-up at home plate while pitching and Dylan Carrol caught a fly for an out in right field.

Tito Memorial Dodgers 12 – Kyle Adams DDS A’s 8

For the Dodgers, Michael Strain had four RBI, two of them in the sixth inning. Kyle Sundale had three RBI.

The Dodgers scored four runs in each of the first two innings.

For the A’s, Noelle Adams was 3 for 4 with three singles; Flynn Rice was 2 for 4 with two singles; Louis Bartolini was 2 for 3 with a single and a double; Louis Breuner was 2 for 3 with two singles. Nick Meyers, Graham MacDonald, Daniel Brown, Robert Raber, Sean Collins and Josiah Henjney each had RBI.

Excellent defensive plays were made by Breuner, Bartolini, Adams, Rice and MacDonald.

Andy’s Diner Angels 16 – Truckee Pines Giants 14

Colton Brock caught a pop-fly to the outfield for a third out in the fourth inning. Scott Lehman had a double in the third. The Angels, with only seven players present, played hard, said June Sylvester.

Yankees 18 – North Lake Rockies 11

Austin Proudy was 3 for 3 with two singles, a double and scoring three times. Jonathan Riley was 3 for 4 with three singles and scoring twice. Steve Carter was 3 for 3 with three singles and scoring twice.

Diamondbacks 3 – CHP Giants 0

Kyle Adams was 1 for 3 with a single, two RBI and one run scored. Kevin Embertson was 2 for 3 with a single, double and an RBI.

John Riley was 1 for 2 with a single; Paul Tierney was 1 for 3 with one run scored.

Coach said Adams had an outstanding pitching game, allowing just one hit to Jamie Maehler and striking out 17. He struck out the first 11 batters he faced and walked only two, for a record-setting performance in Truckee Little League.

CHP Giants 13 – Diamondbacks 11

Paul Tierney was 3 for 5 with two singles, a double, three RBI and two runs scored; Kyle Adams was 3 for 4 with two doubles, a single, two RBI and one run scored; Jeremy Adams was 2 for 2 with two singles and three runs scored; Devin Shurtleff scored one run.

Catcher Ian Barton to John Harrigan caught two Giants attempting to steal second in the game. Barton also assisted Jeremy Adams to catch a runner stealing home.

Paul Tierney recorded nine strikeouts; Jeremy four.

Diamondbacks 8 – Dodgers 3

Ian Barton scored three runs; Kyle Adams 2 for 2 with a single, a double and three RBI; John Riley was 2 for 3 with a single, a triple and three RBI; Shane Carter Morgan Harvey and Chase McClain each had one hit.

Kyle Adams pitched three innings with eight strikeouts and an unassisted out at first. Kevin Embertson pitched three relief innings with five strikeouts.

Ian Barton’s catch of a deep fly to left, Jeremy Adams’ perfect throw from center field to McClain at home helped prevent a Dodger rally in the sixth.

Kyle Adams, DDS 24 A’s – Mariners 19

The A’s bats were on fire, with only seven players present. The team combined for 35 hits with Nick Meyers leading the way with two homers, one triple and two singles.

A double-play was turned in by Graham MacDonald and Sean Collin. Fly balls were caught by Louis Bartolini and Meyers. Noelle Adams had an unassisted out at first.

The A’s coach said, “Improving defense and awesome hitting are the trademark of this great group of kids.”

Truckee Optimist Orioles 27 – Tito Memorial Dodgers 15

For the O’s, Charlie Wells and Paco had three home runs apiece. Kevin hit a double RBI in the fifth.

For the Dodgers, Zachary caught a fly ball and Nathan hit a home run with a double RBI in the second inning.

The game was tied until the sixth inning.

Truckee-Tahoe Lumber Mariners vs. Reds (no scores in TBall)

Cody Heard, Shane Jukes and Sarah Koontz each had a big day at the plate and earned three hits apiece. Cami Straw was great at first base.

Truckee-Tahoe Lumber Mariners vs. Rockies (no scores in TBall)

Ryan Cowie, Cooper Davidson and Kody Wilkerson were each 3 for 3 at the plate. Bryan Reed was great on defense, and the coach called him a “future Golden Glover.”

Longs Drug Store Orioles 21 – Giants 13

Scott Decker was 4 for 4 with three singles, a triple and four runs scored; Cole Froelich was 4 for 4, with one walk, one single, one double, one triple and four runs scored; Kiernan Mooney was 4 for 4 with four walks and three runs scored; David Susman was 4 for 4 with two walks, two singles and two runs scored.

Outstanding pitching by Scott Decker and Froelich helped keep the O’s well in the lead.

Major outs were made by Marshall Harvey at second and Andrew Dahlen at catcher.

Longs Drug Store Orioles 15 – Mariners 14

Chris Peeden was 4 for 4 with two singles, two walks and three runs scored; Drew Blanford was 4 for 4 with four singles and three runs scored; Andrew Dahlen was 4 for 4 with two singles, two walks and two runs scored.

Brian Kerr was injured and may be out for the season, but managed to go 2 for 2 with two walks and two runs scored before his injury.

Dahlen and Blanford pitched. The infield and outfield worked well to hold the game and pull into the lead in the final inning.

Truckee Train and Toy Mariners 0 – Baskin Robbins Angels 0

The following players had doubles: Nick Sorrentino, Russell Kennedy, Kaitlin Cocard, Alex Leslie and Remy McKee. Solid line drives came from Amy Schleuner, Samantha Marsh and Andrew Straw.

Great stops were made by: William Charles, Scott Koper and Kennedy.

Tobin Vadesz, Leslie and Joelle Sorrentino served as catchers.

High Sierra Paint Ball Game Rays 0 – Truckee Train and Toy Mariners 0

Mariners coach says hitting became more consistent. Home runs were hit by Alex Leslie and Remy McKee.

A long throw from center field to first by Samantha Marsh highlighted defensive plays. Good ball stopping by Joelle Sorrentino, Kaitlin Cocard, Russell Kennedy and Andrew Straw.

Tito Memorial Dodgers 14 – Reds 11

For the Reds, Dustin hit a home run which produced three RBI in the fifth inning. Frank had two RBI in the first.

For the Dodgers, Trevor hit two RBI in the second. Cassidy’s double produced three RBI in the third.

“This was a fun game to play and watch,” said Patty Nicholson.

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