Family fishing on Father’s Day 2000 |

Family fishing on Father’s Day 2000

My millennium Father’s Day was a memorable one for me because I had a chance to fish with both of my children.

Lately, I have been putting in too many hours at work, and Father’s Day was no exception.

I put in a half day at work and rushed home to tie a few flies to fish the river after dinner with my children.

My children were swimming at the Reno Gamble Swim Meet at Idlewild pool in Reno. We got together at home, had dinner, and spent a memorable evening on the Truckee River together.

While the fishing was not really good, it was a pleasure having both of my children on the water with me. I really enjoy the company and watching them enjoy learning how to flyfish. Actually, my daughter and I had gone out the night before and she was tickled to have caught two trout. She outdid me.

I went the prior evening by myself for just 40 minutes or so and caught a beautiful rainbow on a Green Drake mayfly imitation and had many other opportunities. The Green Drake (Drunella grandis) is the largest mayfly that we have in the Truckee River, and this hatch brings really large fish to the surface to feed. As with any hatch, trying to time it is usually difficult since weather and water conditions vary from year to year and the insects also vary accordingly.

Typically, this hatch occurs sometime around Father’s Day each year give or take a couple of weeks in either direction. The evening that I fished on my own, the number of Green Drakes was sparse, but the night I went with my daughter was warm and the numbers that came off were pretty good.

As a result the fishing was also very good. While I did not land any, a point my daughter made sure that I was aware of, I hooked a number of very large fish only to break them off or have them come unbuttoned.

My daughter and I wet waded since the evening was so warm. She soon found out why waders are more comfortable – not because of the cold water, but because of the insects. She thought that she had brown beetles crawling on her and was constantly brushing them off. She said that they made her feel very uncomfortable.

I explained to her that they were caddisflies, Glossosoma. The same kind that she had seen on the bottom of a rock that she had picked up while we were crossing the river. She asked me what the bunch of what appeared to be pebbles were on the bottom of the rock They were immature Glossosoma caddisfly.

It was fun watching the insects as they hatched and watching the nighthawks picking them off as the emerged. lt is a wonder that any of these insects ever make it to reproduce. When the hatch is sparse it appears that none of these insects ever escape. I guess that is why Mother Nature creates the big hatches so the insects can survive.

Fishing with both of my children Father’s Day evening, I observed a number of Green Drakes climbing airborne only to be plucked from the sky by a fast moving nighthawk. Even though the fishing was much slower than the night before, the children had a good time and we had some action in a very compressed time frame.

The peak emergence of the Green Drake only lasted about 20 to 30 minutes, but the fish were very active during this period The night before it lasted much longer, but the weather was much warmer.

Both of them appear to enjoy fishing, and seem like they will be very good at it.

This is gratifying for me to see, particularly since I love to fish myself.

Watching the two of my children fishing the Truckee River made my Father’s Day complete. It was one that is now permanently etched in mind. Father ‘s Day 2000, what a treat for me!

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