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Far West Nordic racing under way at Truckee-Tahoe

Competitors in the Tahoe Mountain Sports Holiday Freestyle Sprints power through falling snow at the Auburn Ski Club on Saturday.
Courtesy Mark Nadell / MacBeth Graphics |

The Far West Nordic racing season kicked off in snowy conditions at Auburn Ski Club with the Tahoe Mountain Sports Holiday Freestyle Sprints on Saturday and the Snowshoe Thompson Classic on Sunday.

Both races doubled as Junior National Qualifiers.

Despite the stormy weather, 93 people competed in the Freestyle Sprints and 119 raced the Snowshoe Thompson Classic.

When the snow had settled from the elimination heats on Saturday, Bill Harmeyer was victorious in the men’s final, while Hannah Halvorsen topped the field in the women’s final.

Harmeyer was followed by Dylan Syben, Julian Bordes, Wyatt Fereday, Peter Holmes and Spencer Eusden. Trailing Halvorsen were Lizzie Larkins, Sophia Sanchez, Quinn Lehmkuhl, Ella Kuzyk and Lexie Madigan.

Lilia Kuzyk won the youth sprint and Chasyn Halvorsen won the children’s stadium sprint.

In the Snowshoe Thompson Classic the next day, former Far West Nordic standouts Matthew Gelso and Holmes finished 1-2 in the men’s 10K. Eusden was third, Syben fourth and Harmeyer fifth.

Kara LaPoint claimed victory in the women’s 10K ahead of Laurel Fidler, Beth Thomas, Janelle Webb and Louise Wholey.

The event also included 5K and 2K races, as well as a children’s youth stadium race.

JC Schoonmaker won the boys 5K and was followed by Haydn Halvorsen and Sam Schoderbek. Hannah Halvorsen won the girls 5K and was trailed by Larkins and Lehmkuhl.

Phoenix Sanchez was the top finisher in the youth 2K, and Lacey Norris was the top female racer and seventh overall.

Complete results from the races, as well as the Junior Qualifier standings, are available on the Far West Nordic website. Photo galleries are also available from the Freestyle Sprints and the Snowshoe Thompson Classic at MacBeth Graphics.

Tahoe Mountain Sports Holiday Freestyle Sprints

Men’s Sprint (top 6)

1. Bill Harmeyer, 2:54.6

2. Dylan Syben, 2:47.3

3. Julian Bordes, 2:56.7

4. Wyatt Fereday, 2:57.1

5. Peter Holmes, 2:51.6

6. Spencer Eusden, 2:49.6

Women’s Sprint (top 6)

1. Hannah Halvorsen, 3:16.4

2. Lizzie Larkins, 3:22.2

3. Sofia Sanchez, 3:37.9

4. Quinn Lehmkuhl, 3:30.1

5. Ella Kuzyk, 3:41.2

6. Lexie Madigan, 3:28.7

Youth Sprint (top 5)

1. Lilia Kuzyk, 3:43.2

2. Mahali Kuzyk, 3:44.6

3. Sven Halvorsen, 3:53.1

4. Kendall Kelly, 4:02.6

5. Clara Castellar, 5:12.1

Stadium Sprint

1. Chasyn Halvorsen, 5:54.8

2. Chloe Jaborski, 7:32.5

Snowshoe Thompson Classic

Men’s 10K Classic (top 5)

1. Matthew Gelso, 34:33.7

2. Peter Holmes, 35:03.5

3. Spencer Eusden, 36:56.8

4. Dylan Syben, 36:57.3

5. Bill Harmeyer, 37:17.5

Women’s 10K Classic (top 5)

1. Kara LaPoint, 45:11.6

2. Laurel Fidler, 47:01.3

3. Beth Thomas, 53:00.7

4. Jenelle Webb, 53:22.5

5. Louise Wholey, 1:10:10

Boys 5K Classic (top 5)

1. JC Schoonmaker, 18:41.5

2. Haydn Halvorsen, 19:07.2

3. Sam Schoderbek, 19:56.7

4. Nate Cutler, 20:14.4

5. Cooper Anderson, 20:47.9

Girls 5K Classic (top 5)

1. Hannah Halvorsen, 20:07.8

2. Lizzie Larkins, 22:45.9

3. Quinn Lehmkuhl, 23:09.0

4. Lexie Madigan, 23:10.2

5. Sofia Sanchez, 23:19.6

Youth 2K Classic (top 5)

1. Phoenix Sanchez, 7:50.3

2. Cooper Honeywell, 7:50.9

3. Bjorn Halvorsen, 8:02.7

4. Bodhi Kuzyk, 8:37.4

5. Koson Verkler, 8:49.4

Youth Stadium Classic

1. Camille Hamel, 5:36.4

2. Ida Voegele, 6:49.0

3. Chasyn Halvorsen, 8:10.3

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