Fishing fun for free |

Fishing fun for free

Have you ever been fishing? Have your friends asked you to go along on a trip?

If so, Saturday is a day you can give the sport a try without having to pay for the cost of a license.

California and Nevada allow anglers without licenses to fish for a day. However, all other bag limits and regulations apply.

Free fishing days were started to introduce new anglers to the sport on a no-risk basis. The thought is that once an angler tries the sport, he or she is more likely to continue with it and purchase licenses in the future.

California actually holds two free fishing days, with another on Sept. 23. This gives California anglers two chances a year to try the sport.

Fishing is one of those sports in which the whole family can participate. The fact that the sport is outdoors and is something that practically everyone can participate in makes fishing great family recreation. Young and old can enjoy the sport.

Taking children fishing requires an abundant amount of patience, but it certainly seems worthwhile when the kids grow up and are on their own. My two kids are good examples. They both fish when they get the chance and I am sure it is something that they will do more of when they get older.

Children have short attention spans, so do not make the outing too long or they will lose interest. Keep it short and make it a really fun experience. Like just about any other sport, if the child is not ready, do not push them.

I remember some of my first experiences with my son. Some were incredibly short outings. I remember once only getting to the lake and getting our lines in the water when that was enough for the day. We packed it up and tried another day. The days gradually grew longer and his concentration became better.

Success is also important in holding their attention. Check with the local sporting goods shops and get some tips from their staff on what methods are working best and just where they are catching the most fish. This is information that will really help you become successful and make your child’s first experience a memorable one.

Where to fish and what species of fish to target may also be the key to success.

Many anglers taking their children fishing for the first time take them somewhere where they can catch a lot of fish. My first experiences growing up were catching bluegills in a lake. They were very small, but I did not seem to notice the size. It was a blast! The size of the fish is inconsequential.

Free fishing days are great times to give the kids or adults a chance to try their hand at the sport. They are also great days for you to spend some quality time with your family and friends! Ask someone you know if you can tag along on free fishing day!

Bruce Ajari is a Truckee resident and regular fishing columnist for the Sierra Sun and other area newspapers.

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