Fishing guides worth the cost on unfamiliar waters |

Fishing guides worth the cost on unfamiliar waters

Bruce Ajari
Gone Fishin'

The value of hiring a fly-fishing guide is worth every penny. If you are unfamiliar with an area, I consider hiring one essential. If I go to a new destination, or try a new type of fishing, you can bet that I will hire a guide.

While guides seem like a luxury to many, they will often mean the difference between success and failure in an area. The cost of a guide should be figured in as a cost of a trip.

We are fortunate to have many fine guides in our area from which to choose. When choosing a guide, you should always try and find one that suits your personality.

Fly-fishing guides run the gamut from type and#8220;Aand#8221; to totally laid back. You know the type of person that you are, so choosing a compatible guide will make your day the most enjoyable that it can be.

I like to interview a guide prior to hiring him. I have found that this has worked out very well for me. When conducting an interview, trust your first impressions. They are generally right.

Be sure to interview several to get a better idea of what type of guides are available. Do not just base it on one contact unless you have an instant connection with an individual. Sometimes that can happen.

Guides are on the water daily. This familiarity with their waters makes them true experts. Listen to them carefully and do as they say. They offer you the best chance for success.

Many people will not use guides because they feel that they are too expensive. While certainly not cheap, the benefits of using them certainly outweigh the expense in my humble opinion.

Each time I have fished with a guide it has been a great experience. The last six years I have been taking up saltwater fly fishing. The guides whom I have used have taught me quite a lot and have significantly lowered the learning curve for me.

I am sure that you will have similar success with the guides in our region. Our area is blessed with a talented group of guides and hiring one of them is certainly money well spent, particularly if you are visiting or have had difficulty figuring out our local waters.

and#8212; Bruce Ajari is a Truckee resident and regular fishing columnist for the Sierra Sun and other area newspapers.