Fly fishing interest growing |

Fly fishing interest growing

If you have fly fished in our region, you have undoubtedly noticed that there has been a significant increase in fly fishers this year. I mentioned it earlier this season, but the interest certainly has not waned as I had anticipated that it might.

Many people are discovering the sport today.

It seems that with all the information available and the technological advances in equipment that more beginners have been able to take up the sport.

In the late 1980s interest in fly fishing really took off.

Many fly fishing shops showed some very impressive gains in business, and we were seeing quite a number of new shops popping up. Shortly after the movie “A River Runs Through It” came out (in 1992) there was a tremendous increase in the sport.

Most people that watched the movie were very impressed with the artistry of the fly casting. People tell me this is what drew many of them to the sport. Watching a fly fisherman casting a line in a beautiful lake of stream is a very wonderful experience, according to these newcomers. Fly casting may be the essence of the sport.

While the industry growth slowed down a bit in the mid 90s, it has begun to see another period of growth. What appears to be driving this growth is the entry of women into the sport.

Lighter rods and waders are two of the items that are directly responsible for the recent increase in interest among women. Recently, these innovations have made the equipment less cumbersome. Thus, more women are trying the sport.

There is also much more information available to the average person now days. There are clubs, classes, local guides, and shops that can all help the person looking to start. The average person can learn so much more now than when I took up the sport in the mid 1960s.

Another source that is available to us now is the high tech world of the Internet. This is also a wonderful tool in obtaining fishing information. If you are going to fish a region, just about anywhere in the world, you can probably get an update on lake or stream conditions, the weather, flies and such online.

In addition, there are literally thousands of fly fishing related sites out there. If you are curious, just do a quick search on the subject and you will be amazed.

The computer is a wonderful tool, as well, for keeping in touch with angling friends throughout the country and abroad through e-mail. I can find out what I need to bring when I am planning a trip. It eliminates much of the guesswork on exactly what you will need.

With all the information and technological advances, it is no wonder that we have seen the popularity of this sport skyrocket. While it is nice to see this growth, it does make it a little more difficult to find solitude while you are fishing.

Fly casting may be the essence of the sport, but what attracts many to the sport is the fact that there is so much to learn about the surroundings that you fish. With the typical 90s type of person, it is a natural fit. After all this is the age of “inquiring minds”.

A fly fisher not only studies his or her quarry, the stream profile, the aquatic insects, but is generally more in tune with the overall environment. Fly fishing seems to be a natural fit for our modern society, and perhaps that would explain its continuing growth.

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