Ford Downhill Series finishes at Squaw |

Ford Downhill Series finishes at Squaw

What a weekend for U.S. alpine skiing. While Daron Rahlves was winning the first alpine races of his World Cup career, not to mention, the first American man to win a World Cup race in five years and the first male racer to win back-to-back races since Billy Johnson in 1984, season titles were being won by an American skier at Squaw Valley.

Leading through the first four events, held at Beaver Creek, Colo; Banff, Canada; Mammoth, Calif., and Sugarbush, Vt., Kyle Rasmussen took the overall individual Ford Downhill Ski Series World Championship title Saturday after finishing third at Squaw Valley. Leading the competition by 35 points going into the race, Rasmussen’s third place finish edged him past Switzerland’s Daniel Mahrer for the overall championship. Mahrer took first place at Squaw Valley in both the individual and team events. Rasmussen finished with 270 points for the series, five better than Mahrer.

While Rasmussen earned $77,000 for the series, $12,000 of which came from the Squaw event, Mahrer was the big winner at Squaw Valley, walking away with $20,000. Mahrer’s combined time for the individual race was 1:43:72, beating out France’s Luc Alphand’s time of 1:44:35. Alphand also finished in second for the team event, joining efforts with Jean-Luc Cretier for Team France.

Alphand and Cretier won the series team title, beating out the U.S. team of Rasmussen, Tommy Moe (who did not race because of an ACL injury) and Reggie Crist, 230 to 210 for the season.

Rasmussen earned $77,000 in the Ford Downhill series. Based on a point system to determine the final outcome, points were doubled for the final competition. One hundred points were awarded to the first-place skier in the individual competition.

In the team competition, Team France edged out the USA and Switzerland, taking the Ford Downhill Championship team title. Team France members Luc Alphand and Jean-Luc Cretier, World Cup and Olympic Gold Medalists respectively, drove away two Ford Explorers in addition to cash winnings.

Ford Downhill Series Championship Results

Squaw Valley, California – March 4, 2000

Race Results Individual Competition

Place Name Combined Time Points Prizes

1 Daniel Mahrer 1:43.72 100 $10,000

2 Luc Alphand 1:44.35 90 $7,000

3 Kyle Rasmussen 1:44.79 80 $5,000

4 Pietro Vitalini 1:45.47 70 $4,000

5 Felix Belczyk 1:45.60 60 $3,000

6 A. Senigagliesi 1:45.64 50 $2,000

7 Jean-Luc Cretier 1:45.70 40 $1,000

8 Rob Boyd 1:45.89 30 —-

9 Reggie Crist 1:46.64 20 —-

10 Daniel Cadulff 1:46.78 10 —-

International Team Competition

Place Name Time Country Points Prize Money

1 Daniel Mahrer 1:45.10 SUI 100 $20,000

Daniel Cadulff

2 Luc Alphand 1:45.23 FRA 80 $16,000

Jean-Luc Cretier

3 Kyle Rasmussen 1:45.74 USA 60 $14,000

Reggie Crist

4 Pietro Vitalini 1:45.88 ITA 40 $10,000

A. Senigagliesi

5 Felix Belczyk 1:46.13 CAN 20 $8,000

Rob Boyd

Prize Money

Daniel Mahrer $20,000

Luc Alphand $15,000

Kyle Rasmussen $12,000

Daniel Cadulff $10,000

Jean-Luc Cretier $9,000

Pietro Vitalini $9,000

Alberto Senigagliesi $7,000

Felix Belczyk $7,000

Rob Boyd $4,000

Reggie Crist $7,000

Series Race Results after five races

Individual Competition

Place Name Points

1 Kyle Rasmussen 270

2 Daniel Mahrer 265

3 Jean-Luc Cretier 185

3 Luc Alphand 185

5 Pietro Vitalini 180

6 Felix Belczyk 145

7 Rob Boyd 130

8 Alberto Senigagliesi 110

9 Tommy Moe 55

10 Franz Heinzer 45

11 Frank Piccard 30

12 Reggie Crist 25

13 William Besse 10

14 Daniel Cadulff 10

15 Josef Polig 05

Series Race Results after five races

International Team Competition

Place Name Country Points

1 Luc Alphand FRA 230

Jean-Luc Cretier

2 Tommy Moe USA 210

Kyle Rasmussen

Reggie Crist

3 Franz Heinzer SUI 200

Daniel Mahrer

4 Pietro Vitalini ITA 140

Alberto Senigagliesi

William Besse

5 Felix Belczyk CAN 120

Rob Boyd

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