Former Truckee resident sets national, world power-lifting records in N.H. |

Former Truckee resident sets national, world power-lifting records in N.H.

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Former Truckee resident Aimee Leclerc, 40, set new records in the arm curl at the “100% Raw Powerlifting Federation” competition held in Derry, N.H., last month

Leclerc, who now lives in Maine, set a national record in the strict curl and a national and world record in the free curl.

The strict curl is a simple but challenging event in which an athlete must keep her tailbone and shoulder blades against a post or a beam and follow three commands with the weight.

Leclerc had three chances to lift as much weight as she could without breaking the rules. On her third attempt, she lifted 60.6 pounds, setting a new national record.

Leclerc also competed in the free curl, which is less stringent and considered a “heave-ho” event. The contestant must use a load bar and make three attempts to lift as much weight as possible, again following commands. Leclerc successfully curled 82.7 pounds on her third attempt, setting a new national and world record.

Leclerc competed in the 97-pound weight class — yes, 97 — and entered to compete in the open class, which means she competed against all ages as opposed to just her age division.

“I needed to train hard and watch my diet very closely to lose weight. Glad I did it, but happy to never have to do it again,” she said with a laugh. “Of course, until someone breaks my records — and then I’m going back in.”

The competition featured five events, including the deadlift, military press, bench press, free curl and strict curl.

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