Giving can feel so good |

Giving can feel so good

When I first started working at the Sierra Sun nearly four months ago, I kept hearing the same comments and questions.

“Oh, so you’re the new sports guy. How long are you going to stay, more than a few months?”

Yes, it is true, many of the reporters do not stay at the Sun for long. But it is not because of the paper, it is because of the price.

Not the price of the paper, 50 cents is a steal for this literary work of art, but the price of living in our beloved community.

I find myself working a job and living in a town I really love, but realistically I cannot stay here for more than a few years. I will never be able to settle down here, because I will never be able to buy a home here.

It seems like new homes are being built or approved to be built every day. But the cost to even buy a lot around here is more than I would like to spend on a house.

The North Lake Tahoe area has 10 golf courses in the area as it is. One more is currently being built, and four more are in the planning stages. Golf courses drive up the cost of property, so it doesn’t look like I’ll be living in one of the houses along the 18th fairway anytime soon.

The homes being built are for people with a lot of money. I find it hard to believe anyone who lives and works in this community could afford to buy or build a house of this magnitude. Instead, it seems the homes are actually being built as second homes for people outside of our community. I’m not trying to pull a, “local’s rule,” attitude. I’m just saying, I wish locals could own houses in their community instead of having to rent.

The only way I could ever afford to buy a home in Truckee, is to move into my truck and try and save every penny for the next 10 to 20 years. But by the time I do this, the cost of land will be far more than I have saved. And I find myself wondering, when that day comes, if Truckee will even be the town I feel in love with.

Growing up as a little kid, my friends and I would ask each other what we would do with a million dollars? A friend just asked me the same question the other day. “I would buy a house on Lake Tahoe,” I said. But then I realized, with a million dollars, I still would be lucky to find a place I could buy out right.

So I’ve desided to start my own, get a house for Savickas fund. We are a non-profit organization; dedicated to building or buying, a house for me. I will offer tax write off slips, so give today, the sports reporter you save could be your own.

Dan Savickas is sports and outdoors writer for the Sierra Sun.

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