Golf column: Tune up game with ‘feet together drill’ |

Golf column: Tune up game with ‘feet together drill’

Golf season has begun in the Sierra, and now is the time to tune up your game for summer. Instead of going to the practice range and wacking a bucket of balls aimlessly, start to focus on swing mechanics.

When practicing, concentrate on developing a fundamentally sound swing instead of worrying so much about the ball. Like I always say, “If you can get a better swing, you’ll hit the ball better.”

Unless you’ve taken a lesson recently, you probably won’t know what to work on in your swing. And if you don’t work on the right motion, your well-intentioned practice might make you worse instead of better.

Purchasing a training aid from one of those infamous golf infomercials isn’t a good idea, either, because they are all designed to fix only one particular swing problem ” one that you may not have.

However, there is one drill that every golfer’s swing can benefit from, and most pros have tried this drill sometime during their career. It’s called the “feet together drill.”

Stand with your heels together as you address the ball. Be certain to keep your heels together during your swing while hitting balls on the practice range. Start with easy strokes, and gradually build up to more full-speed swings.

The best thing about the “feet together drill” is it forces you to keep your head steady. If you have any head motion, you’ll lose your balance and dub the shot. This drill also makes you use your hands and arms more effectively. You’ll develop the proper arm swing, wrist hinge and release with this drill.

The “feet together drill” instills some great swing qualities like a steady head, balance, and a fast and free arm swing. After a few balls, you’ll be surprised how far you’re hitting the ball and how much better your swing feels.

Try it, and I’m sure your game will improve.

Keith Lyford, director of instruction at The Golf Academy at Old Greenwood, recently was named to GOLF Magazine’s Top 100 Teachers list for the 10th straight year. He is a former PGA Tour player and a member of the Titleist Professional Advisory Board. He may be reached at or (530) 550-2670.

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