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GONE FISHIN’: 2000 Trout season closes; out-of-season anglers may need reminders

Yesterday, the general trout season for our region closed. What this means is that local streams and Martis Creek Reservoir have closed for the season and will not re-open again until spring of 2001. This does not mean that fishing has ended. There are still year-round lakes such as Boca, Donner, Prosser, Stampede and Tahoe in which to continue fishing. The recent cold temperatures have made it difficult though.

Fishing last weekend was so cold my fly reel would freeze up. I had to dip it into the water so that I could reel in line or let line out. Now that is pretty darn cold. Needless to say there was also constant ice in the guides. Fishing remains good if you can manage the cold weather. Watching a football game in the comfort of your warm home or tying a few flies seems like a good alternative after the cold weather.

Each year I try to remind everyone of the season closure, but invariably there will still be people trying to fish the Truckee River, other streams or Martis Creek Reservoir. Each year there seem to be more people who do not get the message that the season is closed for many local waters. Should you see someone fishing in water that is closed, do them a favor and let them know the season is closed. Hopefully, they will thank you and quit fishing. Sometimes they do not.

If this happens call the local Sheriff’s Office. They can usually contact the California Department of Fish and Game Warden. You can also call the Cal Tip number which is 1-888-DFG-CALTIP (1-888-334-2258). The Cal Tip number may not get you an immediate response, but alerts them to potential problem areas, so call each time you see a violation. Getting a license number helps too. While the chances of catching fish are not high with the cooler water, the fact is they are breaking the law. Most people just do not know that the season has closed. Others simply do not care. These are obviously the ones that need to have the long-arm of the law reach out and grab them.

There are many anglers who are rightfully confused by the Truckee River regulations just across the border in Nevada. It is open year-round just across the border in a special regulation section. Many assume the Truckee is also open on the California side as a result. It is not, although there are many who believe opening California’s water year-round for catch and release fishing would not unduly impact the fishery.

Many states have year-round fisheries. From a personal perspective, the good thing about the seasonal closure is it allows us to tie up enough flies for the next season. Without the closure perhaps you would never have enough flies. Those of you who know me know this would never be the case with me. A year-round season is one of those things to think about as you are getting cabin fever during the winter.

How nice it would be to be able to fish on one of those nice winter days when the sun is shining and the relative warmth makes you think of going fishing in the river. Then again it seems the older you get, it feels like spring is upon us before you know it.

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