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GONE FISHIN’: All I Want for Christmas is S

For wives (or husbands), families and friends of sportsmen and women finding a Christmas gift can be easy or difficult. Sportsmen run the gamut from those that have everything and those that make their wishes known. Most fall into the middle ground and, like the outdoor enthusiast who has everything, can be the most difficult for whom to select a gift.

Each year I offer a few suggestions on items anglers would appreciate. The first thing to do is to narrow down the type of fishing that your gift recipient does. Do they troll, bank fish or fly-fish? Each has its specific tackle.

Trolling is done from a boat so boat accessories become a good choice. This can be as inexpensive as a key chain or cup holder to big-ticket items like downriggers. Lures used for trolling are always a good choice. Anglers can never have too many lures. Nets are also a good choice and can be tailored to the type of fishing. A long-handled net is good for boat or bank fishermen where a short-handled net is best for fly-fishing. There is also a difference in the type of net bag depending on whether he/she intends to keep the catch or release it. A hard nylon netting is not good for the fish if he/she intends to release it, and if he/she intends to release most of the catch, a catch-and-release net should be considered.

For bank fishermen terminal tackle such as lures, hooks, sinkers or new line are always necessary. If the receiver is a fly-fisherman or woman, there are many gadgets from which to select.

If you have ever seen a fly-fisherman or woman’s vest you will know what I mean. The vest is like a Christmas tree there are so many things hanging from it. Taking a quick look at what’s hanging from my vest, you’ll see a pair of needle nose pliers, a pair of hemostats, a flat file, a pair of nippers and some fly floatant.

Other items such as tapered leaders, tippet material, flies (unless they tie their own, then give them fly-tying stuff), striker indicators and split shot are also great items to give. Anglers always need these. More generic gifts can include books on the type of fishing your angler does, Delorme typographical maps of the state your angler frequents, flashlights, knives or some other pocket tool, clothing to keep them warm in the spring or fall and one of the best items – a new fishing license since the new season begins on Jan. 1.

Whatever gift I get from my family and friends will be appreciated, but the memories I have are my greatest gift from those around me as I am sure they are in your case. Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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