Got to stop wishing, got to go fishing |

Got to stop wishing, got to go fishing

The fishing has been great on the Truckee River in recent weeks.

That is the good news, the bad news is that yours truly has not been able to wet a line. I guess when you have active children, the demands on your time are many.

As close as I have been to the water is poolside with my two children during the past two weeks or working on my yard and trying to get a handle on the accumulation of junk that twenty two years of living in the mountains brings.

Talking to friends and professionals that fish the area regularly, I am told that the Truckee has been the best it has been in sometime. The fish are robust, healthy and large.

I have heard the term “footballs” or “hogs” repeated many times this past month. While this makes me feel good that the river is obviously in pretty good shape, it does make me yearn to wet a line. Maybe tomorrow? The only thing that I have seen swimming the past several weeks are children, the only casting that I have done is to “cast” open an E-Z up, and the only “catching” I have done is an occasional swimmer violating proper stroke form while officiating.

However, I am learning – or should I say relearning – some things from my past.

Because I am helping organize a fairly large swimming meet this week, I have been working on my knot tying skills. Fishermen typically know a number of valuable knots that can be used while setting up for a large meet.

This is usually an impressive skill to possess, but also gets you volunteered for set-up duties. So I have been hooked and landed, thank you.

This year I am adding a knot that I have not used since my youthful college days when I was coaching an Age Group Summer League Team. I am going to use the “Trucker’s Hitch.” This was a great knot that my father taught me so that I could use it to tie some make shift lane lines for my summer league team made from brightly colored nylon rope.

Not exactly the best, but it got the kids used to swimming in their own lanes. My dad used this knot to tie down his loads when he was farming.

While I learned this knot pretty well from my dad for the purpose described above, I forgot all about it until my children got a truly neat book called “The Klutz Book of Knots” by John Cassidy. The Trucker’s Hitch is as knot number 11. I had really forgotten how to tie this knot since I had not used it since 1970. This is a great series of books.

My nephew even learned to juggle with the “The Klutz Book of Juggling.”

As you can really tell, I am missing fishing immensely. Keeping myself busy with the knot tying makes me want to tie fishing knots. That “Duncan Loop” sure works well on one end when tying on a Team Banner to a canopy.

I have to make sure the team brings the Team Banner this week.

So as I prepare to set-up a swim meet, I am using my fishing skills to a certain degree. My close friends tell me that I need a “fish fix.”

Maybe so because I have found myself looking for fins and gills on the children in the water lately. While some may swim like fish, that is certainly where the similarity ends.

Fish do not call you dad, Mr. Ajari, or Bruce.

While I am missing time on the water, spending time with my children and watching them makes me feel pretty darn good.

Why, I have even honed my knot tying skills. What more could a fellow want!

Do I miss fishing?

Yes, but at least I am around water, and I know that my children appreciate having me around. We will make our annual post season fishing trips to some of our favorite areas as soon as the swimming season concludes, so until then, I am content in knowing that my friends practice catch and release and that the same fish will be there in the fall.

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