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If a fishing spot is broke, fix it

With the influx of water to Pyramid Lake this season, shore anglers have been presented with an interesting problem: Just where does one go to catch fish?

Anglers who fish lakes know that fishing areas along the edge of drop-offs, between shallow and deep water, are some of the best places to locate feeding fish. As a result, these are prime locations.

Inlets and outlets are also great places to fish in lakes. Caution is needed in these areas due to the sedimentation that can be carried into the lake. The sediment can be soft and very much like quicksand, making it a very dangerous place in which to wade.

On a recent trip to Pyramid Lake ” located northeast of Reno ” we strategized about just where we should begin to fish, given the rising water conditions. For the past two months fishing has been just fair, and accessing the normal drop-offs has become difficult, if not impossible.

As I have mentioned before in past columns, during drought years, try to remember what you see when the lake is at a lower level. Then, when the water comes back up, you can target certain locations that you know are better than others. A picture during low water times is even better. As I get older my memory is not as good as it once was. But a picture never changes!

If you can recall past successful experiences when the water was higher, this can also give a clue as to where to fish. Using this scenario, our group tried a location that we had not fished in a while.

This process paid dividends for us on our trip.

We began fishing in the usual areas where we had previous success and did not have any immediate luck. One of the anglers who had not fished the area before stayed in the general area of where we first started while the rest of us moved farther away.

As it turned out, the area was producing fish. We could see the boats just offshore catching fish, and another shore angler who was throwing lures was having some success to our far left in a cove.

I watched the angler who had stayed in the same spot as he began to land some fish. After the third fish, I decided that there must be something to that location. We all returned, spread out and began fishing in that area.

The fish were definitely there because we immediately began hooking them, and the fishing remained good for most of the day. As a result, we had one of the best days in about two months.

When the day was over, I had an opportunity to reflect on what had happened. The higher water conditions had made this area a more productive one, just as it was when we had fished it in similar conditions. The only difference was that the best location for us had moved slightly south of where we normally fished. An area that was once a very shallow point had deepened considerably and had become a great location due to some pretty intensive waterflow that had come in through a large creek bed.

We will be trying this area again and will need to re-learn even this area. This should be a constant reminder to anglers that conditions do change significantly within a lake environment. This is particularly true of a high desert lake such as Pyramid.

Paying attention to detail when a lake is very low, recalling past successes and being willing to try an area that has not been successful recently can really change your luck. Give it a try next time your favorite lake has changed and your normal spots are not producing.

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