Incline football | Snyder, Guymon make All-League first team

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Incline junior Ben Snyder was voted to the Northern Division III All-League first team at both linebacker and tight end.
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Northern Division III All-League football

Most Valuable Player: Josh Lauderdale, Yerington, Sr.

Offensive Player of the Year: Jacob Flores, Pershing County, Sr.

Defensive Player of the Year: Sam Taunaholo, ROP, Jr.; Sam Monahan, Yerington, Sr.

Lineman of the Year: Sitini Kauvaka, Pershing County, Sr.

Coach of the Year: Cody Neville, Yerington

First team

OL: Miles Baldwin, West Wendover, Sr.

OL: Joshua Burkhart, Battle Mountain, Sr.

OL: Dakota Thompson, Yerington, Sr.

OL: Levi Walker, ROP, Jr.

OL: Cristian Diarte, Pershing County, Sr.

TE: Ben Snyder, Incline, Jr.

TE: Randolph McLean, Pershing County, Sr.

QB: Daniel Itza, Battle Mountain, Sr.

QB: Kylar Sharp, West Wendover, Sr.

RB: Tyler Schlegelmitch, Yerington, Sr.

RB: Tylor Thomas, Yerington, Sr.

RB: Sam Taunaholo, ROP, Jr.

WR: Kydan Sharp, West Wendover, Sr.

WR: Ivan Chavira, Battle Mountain, Jr.

RS: Reese Neville, Yerington, Soph.

DL: Michael Guymon, Incline, Soph.

DL: Levi Walker, ROP, Jr.

DL: Tylor Thomas, Yerington, Sr.

DL: Moises Preito, West Wendover, Sr.

DL: Randolf McLean, Pershing County, Sr.

K: Misael Lozano, Pershing County, Sr.

P: Sam Monahan, Yerington, Sr.

LB: Ben Snyder, Incline, Jr.

LB: Sam Taunaholo, ROP, Jr.

LB: Arturo Serrano, Battle Mountain, Fresh.

LB: Dakota Thompson, Yerington, Sr.

DB: Kydan Sharp, West Wendover, Sr.

DB: James Galloway, ROP, Sr.

DB: Jacob Flores, Pershing County, Sr.

DB: Riley Kendall, Pershing County, Jr.

DB: Tyler Schlegelmilch, Yerington, Sr.

Second team

OL: Michael Guymon, Incline, Soph.

OL: Michael Paris, Battle Mountain, Sr.

OL: Tyler Eaton, Yerington, Sr.

OL: Bobby Gibson, Pershing County, Jr.

OL: Lane Shipley, Yerington, Sr.

RB: Martin Dorado, West Wendover, Sr.

RB: Sam Monahan, Yerington, Sr.

RB: Jared Brinkerhoff, Pershing County, Soph.

WR: Andrew Dickerman, Pershing County, Sr.

WR: Erick Haney, Battle Mountain, Sr.

RS: Ivan Chavira, Battle Mountain, Jr.

DL: Rick DeLarcerda, Incline, Soph.

DL: Kyle Tatlow, ROP, Sr.

DL: Joey Cross, Battle Mountain, Sr.

DL: Christian Diarte, Pershing County, Sr.

DL: Allen Brinkerhoff, Pershing County, Sr.

K: Sam Monahan, Yerington, Sr.

P: Danny Galaviz, West Wendover, Sr.

LB: Kevin Kurashewich, Incline, Sr.

LB: Taran Booker, ROP, Jr.

LB: Tim Rhodes, Pershing County, Soph.

LB: Bo Garner, Yerington, Sr.

DB: Jack Bessette, Incline, Jr.

DB: Ivan Chavira, Battle Mountain, Jr.

DB: Jose Rubio, Yerington, Jr.

DB: Mickey Carmichael, Pershing County, Sr.

Honorable mention

OL: Joe Sunseri, Incline, Jr.

OL: Leham Hammack, Yerington, Sr.

OL: Eric Alvarado, ROP, Sr.

OL: Henry Martinez, ROP, Sr.

OL: Caleb Buschman, ROP, Jr.

OL: Chris Franco, Pershing County, Jr.

OL: Angel Camerena, Pershing County, Soph.

OL: Mikel Harris, Battle Mountain, Sr.

TE: Edim Tovar, Battle Mountain, Soph.

QB: Jeremy Foli, Yerington, Sr.

QB: Maoluma Elekana, ROP, Jr.

RB: Kevin Kurashewich, Incline, Sr.

RB: Owen Graffis, Incline, Soph.

RB: Harrison Cisneros, Yerington, Soph.

WR: Matt Brannan, Yerington, Jr.

WR: Zade Elton, West Wendover, Fresh

WR: Luis Correa, West Wendover, Soph.

DL: Kenny Savelieff, Incline, Sr.

DL: Tristen Vincent, Yerington, Sr.

DL: Kindle Armstrong, Yerington, Sr.

DL: Jesus Cruz, Pershing County, Soph.

DL: Edim Tovar, Battle Mountain, Soph.

LB: Masxsimo Battel, Incline, Sr.

LB: Eric Alvarado, ROP, Sr.

LB: Maoluma Elekana, ROP, Jr.

LB: Caleb Buschman, ROP, Jr.

LB: Henry Martinez, ROP, Sr.

LB: Jaimmy Rodriguez, West Wendover, Sr.

LB: Logan Gregory, West Wendover, Sr.

LB: Talon Draper, Battle Mountain, Jr.

DB: Owen Graffis, Incline, Soph.

DB: Reese Neville, Yerington, Soph.

DB: Colten Davis, Pershing County, Sr.

A total of nine Highlanders were honored with selections to the Northern Division III All-League football teams.

The awards were voted on by the league’s coaches.

Ben Snyder led the way for Incline, as the 6-foot-4, 230-pound sophomore was voted to the first team as both a tight end and linebacker.

Fellow Incline sophomore Michael Guymon, who heated up as the season progressed, was voted to the first team on the defensive line. Guymon also was named to the second team for his play on the offensive line.

Sophomore teammate Rick DeLarcerda made the second team as a defensive lineman, senior Kevin Kurashewich as a linebacker and junior Jack Bessette as a defensive back. Kurashewich received honorable mention as a running back as well.

Sophomore Owen Graffis received honorable mention at both running back and defensive back, Joe Sunseri made honorable mention as an offensive lineman, Kenny Savelieff on the defensive line, and Masxsimo Battel as a linebacker.

Josh Lauderdale of Yerington was voted MVP, Jacob Flores of Pershing County was Offensive Player of the Year, Sam Taunaholo of ROP and Sam Monahan of Yerington shared Defensive Player of the Year, and Sitini Kauvaka of Pershing County was Lineman of the Year. Yerington’s Cody Neville was Coach of the Year.

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