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IVGID Tip: Adding topspin for your tennis forehand

Serena Quarelli demonstrates a closed racquet face.
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Improving your forehand can revolutionize your tennis game. You should have a variety of shots in your arsenal, but the one we’re going to go over is the ever-popular topspin.

The first thing to focus on is the grip. If you’re a more seasoned player you probably grew up using a continental grip.

Nowadays, we are teaching the Semi-Western grip. This grip produces more topspin due to the altered point of contact.

For the Semi-Western grip you want to move your grip over with your knuckle over to the side of the racquet a bit. Ask any of our Tennis Pros to show you this grip.

The backswing should be a combination of shoulder turn and getting the racquet back either straight back or a small circular motion making a “C” around the ball.

You want to close the racquet face right before contact, which will help you to have the racquet face perpendicular on contact.

From there you brush the ball from low to high while driving out to your target. Make a rainbow with your stroke as you’re driving through the ball.

You can also go up and through the ball if the racquet is perpendicular. As you get better, you’re going to want to hit out and up as well.

Follow-through and finish over your shoulder with your elbow toward the net. Your racquet should be facing the side fence when you finish with your thumb down and palm out.

One easy way to remember this is to imagine your racquet is saying “hi” to the side fence.

Don’t think too much about the movement or you may be late on the shot. Have fun, keep your eyes on the ball and image how you want it to hit your racquet.

After some practice the movements will become automatic and less effort. Watch the video and come see us at the Incline Village Tennis Center to practice: bit.ly/TENNIStip2.

“IVGID Tip” is a regular feature, in partnership with the Incline Village General Improvement District, providing locals and visitors with various tips pertaining to the recreation opportunities and services the district provides. This tip was provided by Serena Quarelli, Director of Tennis at the Incline Tennis Center. Stop by the Pro Shop, visit InclineTennis.com, or call 775-832-1235 for more information.

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