Kelly Hester voted Player of the Year in Northern 2A; Michelle Hoehn makes Northern 3A first team |

Kelly Hester voted Player of the Year in Northern 2A; Michelle Hoehn makes Northern 3A first team

Sun File PhotoNorth Tahoe senior point guard Kelly Hester was voted Player of the Year of the Northern 2A by league coaches.

North Tahoe senior point guard Kelly Hester was voted Northern 2A Player of the Year by league coaches. She shares the honor with Katie Wright of Incline.

Lakers seniors Sydney Courcier and Shannon Stack were voted to the girls’ All-League first team, while senior Brit Johnson received honorable mention recognition. Incline’s Bill Devine was voted Coach of the Year.

In Northern 3A voting, Truckee senior Michelle Hoehn made the girls’ All-League first team, while teammates Katy Stephens was voted to the second team and Annie Rodriguez, Megan Shalvis and Kati Murphy receieved honorable mention recognition.

Truckee senior Matt Hoehn made honorable mention on the Northern 3A boys’ team, and North Tahoe senior Armando Paniagua made Northern 2A honorable mention.

Players of the Year: Kelly Hester, North Tahoe; Katie Wright, Incline

Coach of the Year: Bill Devine, Incline

First Team: Kelli Cherry, Incline; Kayla Brinkerhoff, Pershing County; Isabel Conche-Foley, Whittell; Sydney Courcier, North Tahoe; Shannon Stack, North Tahoe; Michelle Montes, Pershing County

Second Team: Arielle Highsmith, Silver Stage; Shanna Murray, Incline; Alyssa Holland, Pershing County; Tierney McKool, Whittell; Kayci Itza, Battle Mountain; Abra Snow, Battle Mountain; Shelby Adams, North Tahoe

Honorable Mention: Gabby Madraso, Mineral County; Amanda Mariluch, Battle Mountain; Charlene O’Connor, Incline; Gabriella Tracy, Whittell; Mariah Gramolini, Silver Stage; Lauren Wilson, Incline; Brit Johnson, North Tahoe; Sarah Brinkerhoff, Pershing County

Player of the Year: Kayla Lommori, Yerington

Coaches of the Year: Sarah Arendt, Spring Creek; Ralph Dunn, Fernley

First Team: Jayme King, Fernley; Morgen Thacker, Lowry; Lacy Rider, Spring Creek; Michelle Hoehn, Truckee; Skylar Estes, Lowry; Mary Suing, Spring Creek

Second Team: Stacey Kerr, Spring Creek; Katy Stephens, Truckee; Teagan Tolden, Spring Creek; Aundria Pluck, Dayton; Markie Wilder, Fernley; Kiara Ross, Yerington

Honorable Mention: Amaya Criswell, Lowry; Darrian Black, Lowry; Rachelle Dennis, Lowry; Annie Rodriguez, Truckee; Megan Shalvis, Truckee; Kati Murphy, Truckee; Annie Lowry, Fernley; Ariella Ruybal, Dayton; Matia Spencer, Dayton; Kathie Arias, Dayton; Sam Rynearson, Spring Creek; Andrea Empey, Spring Creek; Gabby Diaz, Sparks; Tashina Jim, Yerington; Angela Marraccini, Yerington; Larenia Jim, Yerington

Players of the Year: Jared Roberts, Silver Stage; Jayce Montes, Pershing County

Coach of the Year: Derek Miller, Silver Stage

First Team: Jesse Fisher, Silver Stage; Kyle Hofer, Mineral County; Deonta Robinson, ROP; Mike Miller, Battle Mountain; Miguel Salgado, Pershing County; Jonathon Chang, Incline

Second Team: Sean O’Sullivan, Mineral County; Marin Paris, Battle Mountain; Michael McDonald, Silver Stage; Andrew Wright, ROP; Craig Nelson, Pershing County; Jason Hillman, Incline

Honorable Mention: Robben Charles, Whittell; Armando Paniagua, North Tahoe; Logan Espinoza, Mineral County; Charvas Dilliard, ROP; Randy Verbeck, Battle Mountain; Dylan Bloyed, Pershing County; Udy Gonzalez, Pershing County; Patrick Murray, Incline; Clint Von Linsowe, Silver Stage

Player of the Year: Angel Guillen, Sparks

Coaches of the Year: T.W. Cunningham, Dayton; Dick Lee, Sparks

First Team: Tannar Wood, Dayton; David Morrell, Spring Creek; Danny Westfall, Lowry; Jace Gledhill, Fernley; Burke Bristol, Yerington; Martin Jordan, Sparks

Second Team: Joel Mendoza, Lowry; Cade Knutson, Fernley; Dakota Lee, Dayton; Tyler Crowl, Yerington; Bryan Orellana, Sparks; Louis Nolte, Spring Creek

Honorable Mention: Michael Veil, Yerington; Freddy Bernabe, Lowry; David Eastman, Lowry; Bryce Baker, Fernley; Jordan Harry, Fernley; Brett Pickett, Spring Creek; Brooks Brunson, Spring Creek; Jaron Jacobs, Spring Creek; Matt Hoehn, Truckee; Jamie Pacheco, Sparks; Andrew Garcia, Sparks; David Gomez, Dayton; Kage Walker, Dayton; Marti Espinoza, Dayton

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