Listing local talent – USASA National Championships individual results |

Listing local talent – USASA National Championships individual results

Staff reports

Ages 7 and younger:

– Ryan Murphy ” 6th slalom, 16th GS, 16th Alpine combo,

15th halfpipe, 10th slopestyle, 11th freestyle combo, 13th

freestyle and Alpine combined, 6th boardercross, 19th over

all combined.


– Joe Boyes ” 13th slalom, 15th GS, 13th Alpine combo,

14th halfpipe, 30th slopestyle, 19th freestyle combo, 8th

Alpine and freestyle combined, 28th boardercross, 36th

overall combined.

10 and younger:

– Hansi Stull ” 4th boardercross


– Jordan Mullen ” 49th GS, 50th halfpipe, 38th



– Christopher Orlady ” 58th slopestyle

– K.C. Batory ” 10th halfpipe, 35th slopestyle, 16th

freestyle combo, 16th boardercross

– Clayton Doyle ” 58th halfpipe

– Danny Witty ” 56th GS, 2nd halfpipe, 5th slopestyle,

1st freestyle combo

– Jacob Boyes ” 27th slalom, 61st GS, 42nd halfpipe, 30th


– Ryan Cowie ” 47th slalom, 39th GS, 41st Alpine combo,

57th boardercross

– Sara Stewart ” 25th halfpipe, 18th slopestyle, 19th



– Tresten Sweigard ” 6th halfpipe, 1st slopestyle, 1st

freestyle combo

– Matthew Rabow ” 62nd GS, 42nd boardercross

– Kevin Cowie ” 21st slalom, 33rd GS, 25th Alpine

combo, 25th boardercross

– Brady Nielsen ” 53rd slalom, 47th GS, 54th Alpine

combo, 31st halfpipe, 63rd slopestyle, 37th freestyle combo,

10th Alpine and freestyle combined, 58th boardercross, 68th

overall combined

– Kristen Harvey ” 13th slalom, 13th GS, 13th Alpine

combo, 25th halfpipe, 24th slopestyle, 19th freestyle

combo, 11th Alpine and freestyle combined


– Bobby Witty ” 35th halfpipe, 7th slopestyle, 10th freestyle


– Allyson Carroll ” 2nd halfpipe, 10th slopestyle, 3rd freestyle

combo, 1st boardercross


– Jonathan Penfield ” 11th halfpipe, 11th slopestyle, 7th

freestyle combo

– Matthew McKinney ” 19th halfpipe

– Erin Tanner ” 15th GS, 4th halfpipe, 17th slopestyle, 7th

freestyle combo, 10th boardercross

– Kaitlin McMurchie ” 6th slalom, 4th GS, 5th Alpine combo


– Nate Fryirs ” 14th halfpipe

– Lindsey Sherman ” 1st halfpipe

– Andrea Woodard ” 2nd halfpipe

– Brytt Adamson ” 1st slalom, 1st GS, 1st Alpine combo, 2nd

slopestyle, 5th boardercross


– Richard Skinner ” 1st slopestyle

– Ernest Alvarado ” 16th slalom, 17th GS, 15th Alpine combo,

8th halfpipe


– Mark Stegall ” 6th slalom, 7th GS, 6th Alpine combo,

1st halfpipe, 1st slopestyle, 1st freestyle combo, 1st Alpine

and freestyle combined, 1st boardercross, 2nd overall


– Rex Land ” 20th slalom, 17th GS

– Myriam Land ” 5th slalom, 4th GS, 4th Alpine combo,

1st halfpipe, 2nd slopestyle, 1st freestyle combo, 1st Alpine

and freestyle combined, 1st boardercross, 2nd overall



– Jim Simon ” 8th slalom, 5th GS, 6th Alpine combo, 6th


Open Class:

– Nick Langkamp ” 10th boardercross

– Chris Bosco ” 31st slopestyle

– Rick Millett ” 15th halfpipe, 48th slopestyle, 18th

freestyle combo

– Mort Nyberg ” 6th slalom, 1st GS, 3rd Alpine combo, 6th


– Mike Rocco ” 20th slalom, 4th GS, 17th Alpine combo

– Kirsten Harris ” 6th boardercross

– Christina Krieg ” 14th boardercross

– Stefanie Coquhoun ” 16th slopestyle

– Erica Montgomery ” 3rd halfpipe

– Kym Cragnolini ” 10th halfpipe, 11th boardercross

– Gretchen Stone ” 12th halfpipe

– Merrily Rocco ” 13th slalom, 9th GS

Ages 11-15:

– Oliver Stull ” 3rd boardercross

– Peter Stull ” 17th halfpipe, 15th slopestyle, 10th freestyle


– Morganne Murphy ” 6th boardercross

– Marie Sarlo ” 5th slopestyle

– Britt White ” 6th halfpipe


– Nate McKinney ” 10th boardercross

– Dylan Curry ” 3rd halfpipe, 12th slopestyle, 3rd freestyle


– Justin Anderson ” 4th halfpipe, 13th slopestyle, 4th

freestyle combo

20 and older:

– Karen Mertl ” 2nd boardercross

Open Class:

– Billy Mann ” 5th halfpipe, 1st slopestyle, 2nd freestyle


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